10 Powers you have, but you don’t know.



This is definitely not about some superhero, superwoman or super powers. It’s the real deal we will be looking at today.


We know that our Father,(God ) is the king of kings and that in essence makes us his princesses. But the question here is, how many of us truly know the power we carry as one of God’s princesses on earth or even believe in it? Let alone exercise it. There are some few things that can set us on the path to success in this life and these happen to be one of them. But it all depends on who you are trusting to solve your problems. Are you leaning on your own understanding or trusting absolutely in God?


This is a wake-up call for me and you to step into the place God has called us to be by exercising the power and authority given to us by God.


Power to decree a thing and it shall be established. Job 22:28

Just imagine the ability to decree upon yourself or someone and it comes to fulfillment! wow! amazing right? Start today by writing a list of sweet words you want to see manifest in your life, like, I decree this morning that everything I touch will turn to GOLD. I decree today, lines will fall in pleasant places for me……… begin to take Gods word back to him by decreeing them over your life. write them out boldly and paste it where you can see it every morning.


Power to heal the sick, raise the dead. Matthew 10:8

How incredible will it to be to lay your hands on yourself when you feel ill or on someone else you know. YES, we absolutely have the power. I’m building myself and my girls up to take charge of our lives and so far it’s been an amazing journey. God is definitely true to his word.


Power to ask anything in his name and he gives us. John 14:14

I’ve been so blessed with this power and running well with it and so can you. Ask God even those silly things you think you shouldn’t disturb him about and watch him do his wonders.


Power to cast out demons and they flee. Mark 3:15

We’ve got the power to send the devil and his crew running for their life. step to the task today.



Power to tell a mountain to move and it moves. Mark 11:23

All those problems rearing their ugly heads has to move, starting from this moment. If you believe, you better start to issue out decrees.


Power to trample upon snakes and scorpion. Luke 10:19

We have been anointed by God, so nothing by any means can harm us.


Power to bind something on earth and it will be bound in heaven. Matthew 18:18

All you need to do is say the word, backed up by your faith and believe in GOD.


Power to love and be loved. Mark 12:31

Love sincerely and deeply and watch God send love your way. Love others with your time, money, resources and everything.


Power to forgive. John 20:23

Remember we are no perfect, learn to forgive and forget.


Power to make wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18

If you believe God created, the heavens and earth and everything in it, then he will supply your every need, but you need to key into these promises for it to work for you.






These and much more are the power God has equipped us with on earth. Some us are

already aware of these power’s but they are not working for us. There are reasons why

these Power’s refuse to work for us. Time to reflect and search deep within us, to

start enjoying the benefits of being a princess of the King of kings.


  • Have you surrendered your life to Jesus?
  • Have you been living in sin?
  • Do you truly believe in the powers you have?
  • Do you have faith in God and what he can do through you?
  • Are you spreading the gospel of God with every given opportunity that you have?


if you answered NO to the questions above and yes to the second question, then you need

to set things straight with God by ensuring you get to know him personally. He loves you

so dearly and he desires to have a close relationship with you. To begin, say this prayer:


Lord Jesus, I surrender all to you and invite you into my life

I believe you died on the cross of Calvary to cleanse me from all sin and unrighteousness.

I ask that you forgive all of my sins and wash me clean.

come and be the Lord of my life,  I acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior.

Thanks for saving me.

If you said this prayer, please look for a good Bible believing the church to fellowship.


Please leave a comment below, sharing how these powers worked for you.



Your comments are important to us.