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  • What’s going on with my body?

     I heard lately of 8-year-old girls starting to have their periods (Menstruation)! What? OK parents, it’s time to discuss Puberty. Puberty is the period at which a person first can procreate ( sexual maturation) according to Webster dictionary. This is the time when certain noticeable changes occur in our girls. Remember how awkward it was […]

  • Just what if there are no mothers?

      This year’s mother’s day got me thinking of the question just what if there are no mothers? And as I thought about this, the more chaotic the pictures swirling in my head.    How can there be reproduction without women? Yes, science makes the amazing things happen, but eggs are still taken from women […]

  • Genuine Happiness.

              Everyone deserves true and genuine happiness in life, but a lot of people go about seeking genuine happiness the wrong way. I’m here to discuss some of the ways we hope to derive happiness but end up more miserable than we started and how we can truly experience genuine happiness. […]

  • Confidence boosters.

        Confidence is a key ingredient needed to succeed in life. Nobody wants to relate or associate with a low life or someone with low self-esteem. Many grownups had their self-esteem trampled from a very young age, the more reason we need to start working on our children’s self-esteem from a tender age.   […]