Fun Things to Do With Your Daughters This Summer

With summertime just literally right around the corner, the time is now to start planning out all the fun things that you are going to do with your daughters this summer. And isn’t summer fun just awesome? Schools are closed or about to be over for the year and the days just seem to take on a different feel when the responsibilities for kids seem to be just a little less. And while summer is totally fun for kids, it can also be a great time for adults as well. Think about the last time that you truly slowed down and enjoyed everything that the summer has to offer…the warm breeze, the smell of the flowers and the fresh-cut grass, and the laughter coming from your daughters that surrounds you and your heart. If you are looking for a few fun things to do with your daughters this summer, here are some great suggestions to help you get started!

Fun Things to Do With Your Daughters This Summer

♦Learn a new hobby together. What better way to bond with your daughters than by trying something new together! Who knows? You all may love it and make it a tradition for just you and them to do together. Some great ideas could be horseback riding, hiking, biking, ballet, taekwondo, tap dancing, gymnastics and the list goes on…… If memories are what you are wanting to make this summer, start making them!

♦Write a book together about your summer adventures. While every day may not seem like an adventure, it is when you stop and think about everything that you did that day. Learn to take each day slow and live in the present this summer with your daughters. At the end of each and every day, talk to your daughters about what they remember about their days, and write it down. Once the words start flowing, it’s simply amazing at the amount of creativity and imagination that will start pouring out as well. And at the end of the summer? You and your daughters will have an amazing memory book that you created that you can read and enjoy together for many years to come!

♦Learn how to cook together. There’s just something about cooking in the kitchen with your daughters that creates a beautiful bond. And the great thing about cooking? There is always something new to create and explore. If your daughters love sweets, spend the day making a buffet of the most delicious deserts that they could imagine. The best part of cooking together? There is something for everyone to do. One person can read the recipe and the directions, while the other can add ingredients and stir. Cooking is not only fun, but it’s the greatest way to combine bonding and teamwork with your daughters. see also https://godfidencefabgirls.com/secret-to-getting-your-girls-to-enjoy-cooking/

♦Choose one day per week that they get to decide the activity for you all to do together. Not only is it a great way to give your child the feeling of independence and a choice, but it also allows you to see inside their mind a bit about things that they truly are intrigued by or love to do as well. And the best part? They get to take turns introducing something that they love or are passionate about to you. What a blessing to be able to embrace that gift with those that you love as well!

♦Start each day off with an adventure. No matter what it is, make it something unique and fun. One morning, breakfast in bed…the next? A hike and a picnic breakfast instead. There are so many great ways to start each day that it isn’t difficult to find something fun and unique to do each and every morning with your daughters.

♦Visit the library. The library is one the best place to visit constantly with your daughters this summer. Not only to read and get books but they have lined up activities to engage the young minds. Just make sure you check online ahead of the time to see the activities available and choose the one that best suits them.

♦Trips to different parks. Parks are always a win-win for the children and we love and enjoy doing the parks around every summer. This year we will take it up a notch and visit parks not close to us and our favorites from last year (the memories made last year still lingers on). The best thing about visiting the parks is that they love it so much they wear themselves out. As soon as you get back home they hit their beds so you can have an early me time or lone time with your husband ( doing the happy dance).

♦Zoos!!! : It is time to check or revisit the zoos in your neighborhood. Kids love animals and there’s no better time to explore the animal world better than when they out of school. Introduce them to the different animals and let them enjoy a bit of nature. Check for the zoo’s information online, that way you are prepared for all the adventures inherent then you and your daughters are to have loads of fun.

♦Take and continue swimming lessons. Get your daughters back to swimming classes or sign them up for one. Water is one of the best things that can happen to anyone during summer. Now is a good time to get all the swimming gears ready for the splash and splashes of year. We can’t wait!

♦Help them learn to harness their God-given gifts. Do your daughter love singing, the piano, and other musical instruments? sign her up at a summer music school. That’s another star in the making.

♦The beach! Get families and friends together then take on the beach. it’s usually packed around this time of the year but always fun, fun, fun. Takes mats, board games, card games, and all the kids play toys.

♦Help them to learn a new skill in crafting. The best place to draw inspiration is Pinterest. Let them do the choosing, write down the materials needed, buy them together and get crafting. DIY is always fun with the cuties. see also https://godfidencefabgirls.com/important-life-skills-for-girls/

♦Summer vacation trip. If you have planned and can afford a trip with the family, then go ahead and have some fun but if not, look into checking into a fanciful hotel in your city and thoroughly explore your city. You will be totally amazed about how many fun places exist in your city but you are yet to explore.

Have fun this summer finding ways to spend time with your daughters. They grow up quickly…too quickly. Take the time while you can and slow down and just enjoy being with them. Listen to them laugh, engage in meaningful conversation with them, and let them know that no matter what, you’re always there for them. And when the summer is over, who says that the fun has to stop? Start the summer traditions now and carry them on throughout their lives!

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  1. These are great ideas! i don’t have girls but I could definitely do some of these with my boys!

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