• The Ten commandment for kids

    I stumbled on a picture frame while shopping and fell inΒ love with it instantly after reading only the first two lines. It totally captures everything I have spoken to my girls about. I said to myself, the designer of this picture frame must have read my mind. I sincerely love the idea of my girls […]

  • 5 Ways To Understand Your Daughter Better.

    There’s absolutelyΒ no one that can know and understand a daughter like the parents especially the mother. But how many times have you as daughters felt misunderstood while growing up? So many times I dare say. Some people reading this are daughters, mothers or mothers to be, so what can we do better? I have few […]

  • Mom i’m pregnant! NO

    Serious body talk with your daughter.

    There’s nothing that scares the parent with daughters so much as underage or unwanted pregnancy. As scary as that sounds, it has happened before and will continue to happen if our daughters are not properly schooled on how their bodies work, how to handle boys and their advances and how the choices they make can […]

  • The Benefits of Journaling for Girls.

    Introducing the Godfidencefabgirls Journal.

    Writing in a journal is comforting for all ages and variety of people. Think about your life and the times that you’ve stopped to write out your thoughts and your feelings. More than likely, you’ve journaled (even though you may have called it something different) at some point in your life to help you get […]

  • GDPR compliance

    GDPR compliance The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect from 25 May 2018. The GDPR is a standardized user data protection framework which operates across Europe and imposes obligations on organizations, like Godfidencefabgirls, that handle the personal data of people in the European Economic Area. This page briefly explains what Godfidencefabgirls is doing to […]