A Praying Attitude.




Have you prayed about it as much as you have talked about it? A praying parent is a powerful and fearless leader. We need to cultivate the habit of committing our all to God, these includes the good, the bad, the ugly and the silliest. Prayer is the key to all our everyday struggles. It’s like the magical power we have but we need to know how to use it rightly.


Most times prayers of thanking God in advance is very effective. Do not pray to God only when you have a need, but all the time. And just like a lot of people say they prayed for their kids way before they conceived them, we also need to sow seeds of prayers ahead of children’s life. I have special days every month assigned to each of my children, husband and myself, dedicated solely to praying for them. This is important to me because it will be a thing of joy to see us turn out right. When we continually pray, children,  become more obedient, husbands become more patient and loving, wives become more submissive and loving too.


We should also intercede (praying for others) for our family, friends, nation, leaders because prayer changes things. Before you complain about that situation or person, pray first.


Let God be the first person you talk to every day to avoid a chaotic life. I learned my lesson the hard way here. Any day I rush into the day without talking to God leaves me miserable and frustrated, but I know better now. My children are also excited about praying to God because he has answered their little requests.


“A family that prays together stays together”. To foster unity in the home, pray, pray, pray. Nothing compares to a peaceful home.


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