A super simple way to make school lunch extra special.

I have always been that mom who loves to make and pack my daughter’s school lunch boxes. It just makes me feel a whole lot better knowing what they are putting in their tummy. So I’m always on the lookout for ways to make their lunchtime in school extra special.

I was driving one day and listening, as always, to my favorite radio station, His Radio (all day, every day). It was the focus on family series where different real-life families address various issues. In this particular series, the wife spoke about how she supported her husband’s career. He is a race car driver. So she writes out the bible verse the holy spirit drops in her heart on a paper and gives it to her husband before they go for his racing. He, in turn, said he places the verse on the windshield in front of him where he can easily read it. This ritual helped the husband trust God with his career and got his colleagues intrigued, and they all wanted a note like that.

Some days later, while I was thinking of making the girl’s first day of the school lunch special, I remembered the story and decided to write a personal note in each of their lunch boxes. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I did not mention it to them.

The weekend came, so I went out to get some of their school supplies. I saw a stack of lunch box notes with graphics in the front and a blank space at the back. I instantly fell in love with it and picked a few stacks. (It still amazes me how my thoughts and ideas are so well aligned with my steps all the time. It’s like God saying, don’t stress my daughter, take! Do you also experience this? Share with me in the comment section, please.)

‘The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.’ Psalm 37:23

So the first day of school came, we packed up their school lunch boxes together, and it became challenging to slip the notes in the box. I kept trying to distract them, but nothing was working, and I wanted it to be a surprise. I was ready to give up, so we don’t end up being late to school when suddenly my third daughter called their attention to something. They all ran off like bees, lol. I heaved a sigh and quickly slid the notes into their boxes without them knowing. I called on them to grab their packs, and off we went.

The thought of doing this made me super excited and very happy. I didn’t think about what the girl’s reaction would be. In my mind, it was fun doing something new and different for my daughters and another way of reaffirming my love for them so they can continue to be strong and confident.


Pickup time is always fun as I get to hear from each of the girls how their day went. These girls are so dramatic they start from drop-off.

For some reason, I had forgotten about the lunch notes. It was so fulfilling doing it that my mind moved on to something else. So I was taken aback when I started getting warm and wet kisses, hugs plus a million and one thank you from my sweet girls. Guess what? The note means a lot to them. I wanted it to be a seasonal thing to surprise them, but they now look forward to it every day. I miss some days, but I’m happy to give them an extra surprise at lunchtime as often as possible.

One of the most powerful tools we have as parents is validation. Validation helps your child to feel safe to express their feelings and emotions to you. Don’t just assume they know you love and cherish them. Instead, show and tell them repeatedly, so they do not believe the lies of the devil. There are different ways you can use validation to help your child develop a sense of security, gain more confidence, connect more with you now that they are still growing, and stay connected even when they become adults. Writing personalized note cards is one of them.

My 12-year-old daughter recently told me she is saving all of her lunch cards to look at them much later when she is grown, and she showed me her stack. Wow! Imagine how your little actions go a long way and can cause a ripple effect in others. Maybe it’s one of their friends that will see their lunch notes over and over again and ask her mom for one.

My five-year-old said I use so many big words; her teacher helps her out. This mom has learned to use the right kinds of words that correspond with their age, lol.


Lunch box note ideas.

You can use fancy notes designed for this purpose like the ones I use here. Post-it notes are another great option or even index cards. But, you have to get creative with your sweet words. I plan to write sweet words like motivational words, sometimes bible verses, and anything that comes to mind. I would love to see the spin you put on this. Would you please share pictures with me so we can cheer each other on in the comment section?

Remember, this is not limited to your kids only. You can slip love notes in your husband’s pocket or your wife’s handbag or leave a sweet message on a colleague’s table at work. There are so many ways to show a little more kindness, especially during these challenging days.

I love how we are all learning and growing every day. Keep up the good work, moms.

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  1. Wowwww!! I loved it… thank you so much for sharing…. I’m getting tips. When I’m ready, I want to have 3 sets of twins and a girl last born… a total of 4 girls and three boy. May God deliver my heart desires to me… I’m a hard lover to Jesus too… can’t do without him…. you are such a great mum!!!

    1. Oh wow! That’s amazing Somto. i’ve always wanted 6 children but hubby said no more. But i trust God to come through…lol. Thanks for being here and planning ahead.

  2. The write up are so inspiring and educating which you can only get from a woman endowed with so much wisdom. Thank for raising the voices for the next generation.

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