Hi there! I’m Bola…



I’m super glad you made it here, trust me I’ll have it no other way. 







I’m a sold out lover of God and all he stands for, wife to the most loving man ever and mother to four extremely beautiful girls I adore so much. I live in North Carolina with my family. My two most favorite yumminess in the world are smoothies and red velvet cake.




Parenting is not a child’s play or an easy feat, especially raising daughters, which is why I started this blog, Godfidencefabgirls, to inspire women and girls in whatever stage you are at, to live a Godly, confident and fabulous life (whoever said you can’t have it all?) which will help you to become the best version of yourself.

This blog is for you, if you have a girl or woman in your life, you are a girl, a mom, or a grandmother. My greatest vision for this blog is to help girls and women like you harness your greatest potentials and begin to walk in your purpose, fulfill your mission, love God, and HAVE IT ALL. Oh yes, you can!


I hope you leave here every time with great impact and inspiration. Now relax and enjoy the girl world from my heart.


Interested in patterning with Godfidencefabgirls?


I love working on new projects, networking, mentoring girls, and learning about new brands. I am open to product reviews and giveaways, conference sponsorship, brand ambassadorship, and sponsored posts. I look forward to partnering with you. Shoot my an email at blog@godfidencefabgirls.com or godfidencefabgirls@gmail.com


















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