Book review : Little Girl Crying by Belinda Rose

The Synopsis on the back of the book:

I’ll bury my pain deep, deep down

So deep it can’t be found

It will not see the light of day

If it seeks release I’ll purge it away

I’ll starve the life right out of it

And lull my pain a little bit

I’ll beat the pain…… the anger ……..fear

Till ‘it’ or ‘I’ disappear.


Abused at home, bullied at school, and raped by someone she loved and trusted. Belinda Rose found her emotional pain too much to cope with, and thus began the fight of her life against two dark adversaries: Anorexia Nervosa and Depression.

For 38 years, she found herself locked in a life and death battle with an eating disorder intent on destroying her mentally, physically and spiritually. Near death many times and at one point hospitalized 13 times within eighteen months. She defied doctors who all agreed she’d very likely die from her eating disorder. Recovery would take nothing less than a miracle. She felt lost, alone and at the mercy of an illness intent on her destruction. All hope seemed gone, or was it?

As a small child, Belinda had found sanctuary from those who abused and bullied her in the arms of her imaginary friend, Jesus. It would be her deep love and devotion for him since childhood that would lead her on a journey of prayer to an incredible spiritual experience: God would miraculously still the voice of anorexia, lift the darkness of depression and transform her life to set her on a new path.

Little Girl Crying is a story of survival. It’s a story of God’s love, mercy, and amazing grace, affirming that God is with us even when He is silent. But, most of all, it is a message of hope and encouragement to all who suffer: never give up, because our God is a God of healing and miracles.

With over 40 beautiful and original black and white illustrations, inspirational poetry, prayers, and bible verses that open and close every chapter, Little Girl Crying is not just another memoir, but a sense evoking and uplifting experience. Little Girl Crying is a wild ride on an emotional roller coaster, and yet, a spiritual journey full of hope and miracles that speaks to perseverance, faith and the power of prayer amid unspeakable suffering. While it takes the reader deep into the heart of suffering, it also gives insights into why God allows such unspeakable suffering, and how we can find the blessings in it. It is no wonder Little Girl Crying has been called a modern-day, Pilgrims Progress.


My thoughts:

I really love and enjoyed this book because it’s a summary of the struggle most girls go through in life and the author is sure one of the few lucky ones to know what to do to get out of the entangled mess.

The truth is we all have one struggle or the other and while some are fortunate enough to find a way out some are not. I have heard of girls who went through not up to half of what this author went through but ended up committing suicide and taking their own life with their hands. Why? they don’t know any better and took only the best option they know. This is the major reason I designed My Girly Journal 1 and My Girly Journal 2 for girls. So you can imagine my joy when I saw this book and dug in. The struggle is real and we just need to equip our girls well and get them connected to the right source that can bring them a lasting hope, JESUS.

This book will also open your eyes as parents to reevaluate your relationship with your child and truly know how they view you. The author had a mother and father too but viewed her dad as a monster even at 5 years old! She was terrified of him even to the point of having terrible nightmares. She went through a lot, saw hell but met an imaginary friend, called Jesus and that was the only reason she can write her story today. The author also dealt with an eating disorder and she gave us pointers about how to deal with family members or loved ones that may be going through such. She gave an acronym to help us remember what to do. You want to know it, get your own copy and dive in.

I hope this amazing book blesses you as much as it blessed me.



Belinda Rose is a Christian contemplative, inspirational writer, poet, and artist. Her work can be found at www.belindarose.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/illustrateddevotions where she shares daily prayer and inspiration.


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  1. This story resembles so many stories of women who are walking around wounded and holding the terrible things that have happened to them. Then they go through life stuck at the place where the abuse or offensive happened. I truly believe Jesus is the answer for women getting healing if they want to be free.

  2. What an intriguing book. It sounds like it would bring so many emotions to the forefront. There is so much going on like this, and this looks like a good way to open conversations.

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