Breast, Bras and your Budding Daughter.

I remember when my breast started to bud, I was beyond excited. I am the last born of my family so I got to watch three older sisters of mine with so much admiration and just couldn’t wait to do what they did, most especially to wear the bra. I even tried sizing their own on my near flat chest and wondered where they got all the flesh to fill it up from……..hahaha. I was a late bloomer and so many of my friends already wore either a bra top (known as a crop bra now) or the real bra. I was really itching to wear one, anyone, the real thing or the fake, just bring it, please. So you can imagine how elated I was when I noticed the breast budding.


My mom made the experience very special. She took me to the market where I was able to choose from varieties of bra tops that appealed to me. They were beautifully and uniquely designed with flowers and butterflies just like I imagined.


Those memories made it even more important to make these experiences extra special for my daughters and so should you. My first daughter will be turning Nine years old in a couple of days and even though we have had several discussion about the importance of wearing a bra when the breasts start to bud, I feel its time to buy her the training bras. We started having these conversations because while I was super excited to wear a bra even without having any breast, some find the experience quite embarrassing. I need her to understand and embrace the need to use one when the time comes, be comfortable with it. and not see it as a burden.


Breast formation which is mostly the first sign of puberty usually starts between the ages of 8 years old and thirteen years old. This is a transition from being flat chested to tiny breast buds to developing breast and finally fully developed breast. During this transition, the process can feel painful and itchy, which is quite normal. The breast will continue to develop until the teen year ends. One of the breasts is usually larger than the other one at first before it balances out or not. For the girls already showing, however, it is time to invest in comfortable bras or bra tops. We must also teach them to care for their bras by hand washing as often as every 2 – 3 days.  It’s best to treat them like we treat our panties.


Having a breast is a must no matter how tiny or big, you and I have been chosen and handpicked by God to have two and they were given to us for some crucial and specific purposes. Few of which are to differentiate us from men, attract and satisfy our men sexually, supply breast milk to our babies through breastfeeding when the babies come.  The reason we need to wear an appropriately fitted bra is to prevent our breast nipples from showing through our clothes, to support the breast ( can be painful without support), to avoid the swinging of the breast when walking, running or moving and to help us look smart and well put together.


A good and well-fitted bra helps your daughter's body image and boosts her self-confidence and self-esteem. Invest in a good one. Click To Tweet


It is, however, important to know and get the right sizing for your daughter’s bra size or even your own. A wrong bra size makes it even more difficult to adjust to. Ensure the size is not too big or too small. If it is too big, the bra will keep riding up over the breast making it feel uncomfortable and restless looking for ways to pull it back to place. If it is too tight it also leaves you breathless and uncomfortable. I wore my bra tops for a while before the real breasts emerged. When they finally surfaced, I found it very hard getting my right size. I tried on several bras upon bras to no avail, until my mom found the right way to get my measurement taken. Below are steps you can use to find the correct measurement of yours and your daughter’s bra or you can speak with a bra fit specialist.


  • Buy a measuring tape.
  • Wear a fitted non-padded bra
  • Measure around your rib cage your underbust in inches
  • Add number 5 to the number you got above. If you got an odd number add 1 to make the number even to get the band size. (a)
  • Measure around your body the fullest part of your breast.
  • To get the cup size from the above measurement. (b)
  1. AAA – If the band size (a) is larger than the breast size (b).
  2. AA – If the measurement is equal.
  3. A – If the band size is up to 1 inch smaller.
  4. B – If the band size is up to 2 inches smaller.
  5. C – If the band size is up 3 inches smaller.
  6. D – If the band size is up to 4 inches smaller.
  7.  DD – If the band size is up to 5 inches smaller.
  • Once you figure out the cup size, put the band size (a) beside the cup size (b) and you will have your bra size. ( like 34c)


There are different types of bra available for purchase at different stores.



It is good to start with a training or crop bra when you notice your daughter’s breast is starting to bud or about to bud because it helps them to get used to the idea of wearing a bra.


                                     Maidenform Girl Big Girls’ Slim Seamfree Crop Bra (Pack Of 2), Heather Grey/White, Medium



They are comfortable, lightweight and for active girls. The sizes usually come in small, medium and large.

                                                                           GB-6P-37005-S Just Love Girls Bras (Pack of 6)



This is a comfortable bra that is natural, seamless and light. Usually for the small sized breast. if you notice your breast looks saggy or not well supported, it’s time to make a change.

Sungpunet Junior Girls Cotton Non-Wired T-Shirt Bras Set



Supports and hold up the breast without any wire encased.

        Liang Rou Big Girls’ Crop Bra Full Wirefree Bra Softi Cup (4-Pack B Cup) 40B 4 Colors: White/Pink/Apricot/Dark Apricot



This comes encased in underwire for extra support and lift. Can be very comfortable if right size is selected.


                                                          Calvin Klein Big Girls’ 2 Pack Molded Underwire Bra, Pink/Multi, 30A



This is suitable for small breasted older girls (teenagers) looking for extra support and lift.

                                    MANJIAMEI Big Girls Push-Up Bra Cotton Wire Free Thick Padded Bowknot 3/4 Cup Bra Pink 32


I will really love to read about your experiences as your breast developed and how you handled the change or how you are helping or helped your daughters in the comment section below.



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  1. Thanks for the bra-sizing guide! My oldest daughter (13) has grown substantially in the last year. She’s quite self conscious about it, but I’m doing my best to make it a positive experience for her and a bonding experience for us. I took her bra shopping just last week so she could “size up”. I didn’t know her exact size and she didn’t want to be measured, so I just had her try on a bunch until she found one that fit properly. Next time I will try to convince her to get measured. We can do it together! (she may never speak to me again, lol)

    1. That’s awesome Elizabeth. Why don’t you let her measure you first and then you measure her. Turn it into a game. I’m sure she will come round. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read this the other day when you posted it. It is SO GOOD. I have a baby girl but I didn’t grow up with a mom so I did not experience the simple parts of ‘girly’ growing up such as bra fittings. Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to helping my daughter when she is ready with your guidance!

  3. My first bra experience was so embarrassing for me. My dad took me and he didn’t know anything about bras. I didn’t know anything about bras. I laugh about it now though, but at the time I was so embarrassed to be there.

  4. II have two daughters – one who can’t stand wearing bras (thankfully she’s the youngest and not quite there yet) and one that is a D cup in middle school. Spending the money on a quality bra is so important and something that I did not do until I was an adult. Will not make the same mistake with my girls. Thanks for breaking all this down here.

  5. Bras for young ladies these days look soooo much more comfy than those of ~40 years ago! Not to age myself or anything… lol. Great tips here!

  6. I have twin 10 year old girls that I’m going thru this with right now. Neither seem to be as horrified to wear a shelf bra or tank bra as I was when I had to start wearing them. Seems to be no big deal to them. Makes it easier on me!

  7. II don’t remember my first bra experience so I only imagine it was so horrifying I’ve blocked it out of my mind lol. They way you explain everything is so sweet and not stressful at all. I will have to remember this for when my daughter is of this age. It’s nice to make it special. Explaining the importance of why women are given breasts is something I never thought about but I like the way you do it so gracefully.

  8. This is such a great post. I’m part of the no bra movement so haven’t really thought about this with my daughter. Good tips here though.

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