Can it stop with you?


Can it stop with you-



Women, girls, females……….hmm……. how we love to chat, about ourselves, friends, family, celebrities, and the list goes on.
Now while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having this kind of juicy conversations, we need to make a conscious effort to recognize the red light sometimes. Yes, let’s know when to back off when the conversation is swerving towards gossip. When we begin to put a stop to gossips, our world will be a better place and love will shine through our relationships.


Moreover, we have those tiny eyes fixed on us and watching our every move, reading our lips, emulating our actions, trusting that they are learning from the very best. So which vibes do we want to exude? Positive vibes I dare say.


While none of us is perfect we should attempt to do our possible best in making our world a better place. It starts with me, it starts with you.


During the week, a friend told me about somethings happening to her. It was like an update to an ongoing situation in her home to which another friend was in the know. I really wanted to tell our third friend about the update but I cautioned myself because she never instructed me to that. Not long after, she came in and gave me a go ahead to tell our friend because she was in a haste to meet a deadline. My point here, it took a conscious effort on my side. Let us cultivate the habit of nipping the gossip in the bud, to stop it from spreading.


Please be deliberate in putting an end to gossips.

Let it stop with you!

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