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Dear Father……….

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The love I have for my father is so much and almost unexplainable even in death and I’m pretty sure it is the same feeling with almost everyone. So many things were not clear about his strict nature while growing up but now I know better and so do so many. They always have our best interest at heart and made sacrifices just to make sure we get the best out of life and be the best version of ourselves. Little wonder they are called our heroes.

Fathers are super protective of their daughters and make them feel like a princess that they truly are all year-long. See more ways to improve your relationship with your daughters here


So just as we do every year, we are very ready to specially celebrate our fathers again. As fathers day draws closer, we have carefully selected and compiled beautiful gifts that you and your daughters can gift to the special men in your life.



Amazon gift cards well packaged and ready to go. Who doesn’t love a gift card? click on the image to get yours before it’s all gone.





Cooler bags perfect for the summer season plus this comes with free icepacks and a thermos!



Solid belt















It was fun putting all the gift guide together. Hope you find it useful.



I'm a sold out lover of God, wife, mother and I'm passionate about women/girls and all we stand for.


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