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Fun Fall activities to do with your daughters

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Before you realize it, Fall weather will be here and the leaves will be turning magical colors that will stop you in your tracks. No one can deny the beauty and calmness that surrounds the Fall season. And why should you? It’s a time that the air gets a bit crisper, the nights arrive a little more early, and the thoughts of hot chocolate start to dance around in your head. But the best thing that starts to occur when Fall begins to arrive? Fall family activities that you can do with your daughters. From festivals to orchards, there is always something amazing to do to enjoy the fabulous Fall weather!

Fall family activities to do with your daughters

  • Head to an apple orchard and pick apples. If you’ve never spent time with your daughters picking apples, you are truly missing out. There’s something amazing about being able to head to an orchard, scope out the perfect apple, pull it from the tree and take a huge bite. Seriously, it is heaven. You and your daughters will love being able to grab, eat and laugh the day away, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of apple trees.
  • Corn Maze. Before you make a judgment call on whether you think a corn maze sounds simple, you have to try one first! For some, they are easy, but if you and your daughters are “directionally challenged”, you may find that what was supposed to be a fun outing in the cornfield may turn into an all-day event! And the truth is, that sounds like an amazing way to spend some quality time with your girls!
  • Rake up leaves and then mess ’em up again. If you remember one activity from this entire post, remember this one. You are never too old to want to jump in a pile of raked leaves. There is just something about it that calls to each and every one of us! Show your daughter’s how it’s done and be the first to give it a go, then rake them back up, and let every person have a try! Grab those cameras and have them ready to catch some seriously fun photos in action.
  • Carve pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is one of those activities that everyone loves. Some decide to go the spookier route and carve something scary, while others settle for the classic look instead. Whatever you choose to do, buy pumpkins for each of you to do on your own, and have fun creating with them! Don’t forget to save the guts and cook up some pumpkin seeds because that can be a totally great treat to make together as well! Make ’em spicy or make ’em sweet, but roasting them in the oven is always a great idea!
  • Go camping. It’s the perfect time to go camping when the weather gets cooler! Pack up your tents and your bags and load up in the car! If you decide to camp in the Fall, you don’t have to worry about bugs or heat, or humidity or anything else that deters people from wanting to camp in the summer. Make a camping adventure with your daughters to enjoy the Fall weather and enjoy a night (or two!) of sleeping under the beautiful Fall stars!
  • Hit up the local festivals. If you do a random search of upcoming Fall festivals in your area, you just might be surprised by all the options! There are some really great festivals that are a ton of fun and are certain to bring joy to you and your daughter’s time together. Don’t forget to buy some Fall treats while you are there such as caramel apples, hot apple cider or even one of those giant turkey legs that everyone loves so much! Part of the fun of hitting up the local festivals is getting to eat all the local favorite foods as well!






If you are searching for Fall family activities to do with your daughters, you don’t have to search hard! If you are open to trying new things, there are a ton of opportunities to discover why Fall is one of the best seasons out there! Have fun exploring everything that Fall has to offer with your daughters! Make it a season to remember!


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