Genuine Happiness.







Everyone deserves true and genuine happiness in life, but a lot of people go about seeking genuine happiness the wrong way. I’m here to discuss some of the ways we hope to derive happiness but end up more miserable than we started and how we can truly experience genuine happiness.


Oh! If only I can have more money and then suddenly more money comes, even much more than you expected but the joy soon wears off after a while because money or wealth cannot give us genuine happiness. The rich will always want to have more riches. Have you met someone poor or not so rich,  but feels like a million bucks and always so joyous and happy, Or even a rich person. Theres mostly a difference in attitude. Money is good and the wish to have money fantastic, don’t get me wrong. My point, however, is money does not guarantee true happiness. Money as the bible calls it is the root of all evil. The desire for more and more has driven many to their destruction. Don’t allow money to make you lose sight of who you truly are. Let what you have satisfy you and work harder to excel.


If only I can have a boyfriend or a husband I will be so happy. Guess what? You will have both eventually but you will still not have that genuine happiness. Yes, it’s good to get married and settle down but these are not meant to bring you genuine happiness. Because life will always happen and you married a human being who has his or her own flaws.


If only I can have the latest gadget. When you eventually get them you will be temporarily happy, but they cannot bring you genuine happiness. Because while you are still thinking about that gadget, that does everything you ever wished for,  another one is out that will do even better.


Trending clothes and accessories.  Yes, it makes us look good and enhances our features. The moment you buy one, the happiness wanes, until the next one. You cannot derive genuine happiness from them.


If I can just have children. Children are beautiful and everyone should wish to have them. But, they do not guarantee genuine happiness.  So many other instances like these, in fact, we can go on and on …


True and genuine happiness, however, comes from the almighty God who created us and formed us in his image and likeness. You need to know him and have a relationship with him to experience genuine happiness. It’s a must have feeling. #Joy unspeakable.



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