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There’s hardly any company or business that does not make use of a computer in a lot of its various departments and the ability to make good use of the computer system cannot be over emphasized. The world and the educational system are also starting to see the importance of Information Technology better than before. Information technology plays a vital role in all the different fields we have in the world today; Education, finance, healthcare, business………….. But there are very few women in this practical, important and lucrative sector, which is the basic prompt for this post. We need to encourage our girls in STEM/STEAM. How? Keep reading.







(STEAM → The A → ARTS )



The STEM/STEAM programs are now being incorporated into schools in the form of CODING, ROBOTICS, and Computer Science. It is important to start early with our girls, to get them inspired and interested in Information technology. This is not to force them on a career path such as this, but to give them a chance early on to be able to choose whatever field of career they wish, plus get an added advantage of early exposure to STEM to be able to write their own computer programs themselves even if they so decide to be a doctor, lawyer, business women and much more. They will rarely depend on professionals to do what they can do by themselves. My first two daughters, ages 5 and 8 years both attend a full computer science immersion school and it has been a very rewarding journey. They are already being exposed to coding ⇒ HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP may be PYTHON AND RUBY this early and it’s been amazing. The oldest is already  writing some game programs through the non-profit organization called CODE.ORG It is an amazing website that can help your girls to further sharpen their skills and expand their abilities. It’s a good start if you do not have access to a stem school around you. Many kids play video games and have access to loads of apps, so they should be creating one by themselves.






Coding is fun.

Coding builds and boosts self-esteem, and confidence.

Coding is important for the success of our girls and their future.

Coding aids mathematics principles.

Coding helps in story telling and imaginative skills.

Coding helps in games and app formation.

Coding allows for creativity.

Coding aids team work.

Coding helps in problem-solving and thinking skills.

Coding gives room for risk taking.







  1. Check to see if there’s a stem school around you and get them enrolled.
  2. Register on code.org or any other programs related to this.
  3. Buy them games and toys that develop their critical thinking skills.
  4. Research about successful women in the Information technology sector and allow their stories to inspire and mentor them. My girls and I love to watch sci-fi on PBS television station. There you see a lot of inspiring women enjoying stem , basically in their own field but majoring on the IT aspect of their career. There are pilots, Mechanical engineer, Doctors and much more.
  5. One on one mentoring with women in the stem sector.


Norms say that kids who are in the stem are introverted, nerds or geeks, but that's absolutely false.Click To Tweet I attended an IT program organized by AFAV – A friend A village, where I met one of our speakers Paula Okonne, a Mobile Marketing Consultant – Web Developer – Mobile Marketing – SEO Services – Web Hosting Computer & Database Solutions, LLC. She is very passionate about encouraging our girls in the stem programs available.

Setting up a website or a blog also requires some skills but more of hands on. Ever since I developed my website, I have been super curious and excited to do more. I have since created 3 more websites for others and it has been very interesting. I’m also looking forward to taking some certification courses in this regard. It would have been better if at a very young age, such opportunities existed. But now the opportunities are endless so we ought to get our girls well positioned to take on the world and conquer it. This is the right time to shut the mouth of nay sayers that believe girls are not good enough to do what men can do.




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  1. This sounds like such an awesome program! I wish something like this was around when I was a kid. Then again, we didn’t have that kind of technology then. I’m old. Lol!

  2. Just getting started with blogging I’m realizing how important coding is! And that’s just for a home based business. It’s really important in all fields these days.

  3. II’ve only been blogging for a few months, but I’m seeing how much easier the technical side of things would be if I understood coding. As it is, I either find the code online and insert it where it’s needed, or I use a plugin. If I could code, I would have even more flexibility with my blog. Of course, just like all non-coders, I get by, but it would be beneficial to be able to just know to write a piece of code to fix something. You never know where life will take you. Blogging was not even on my radar this time last year. I think everyone should learn at least a little. I’ve certainly picked up on some things, but I if I had learned this in school, I would be so much better!

  4. My husband has been wanting to get our daughters into coding so bad lately! We need to check and see if there are some good programs where we live. The information they would learn would be invaluable in their lives and they could go so many different directions with it!

    1. Exactly Amanda. A lot of schools are incorporating it into their programs. Just google stem schools in your location and read their reviews.

  5. Yes! Love this post so much. I always tell my husband I want to raise a strong an independent woman. I work in a field with mostly men and love it. I work hard and get along with the majority of my colleagues. It definitely helps to introduce typically male fields to all kids at a young age. thank you!

  6. I love how you encourage your girls to learn how to code. My son wants to learn, but I need to find some resources to teach him. I’ll have to check out code.org.

  7. I love your posts! They are always so positive and encouraging for moms and kids (especially girls of course!). It is so needed. Thanks for reminding us of the possibilities out there for our girls!

  8. Great article. I just signed up my 9 year old for a free college day at our local community college. I was surprised and excited that coding was one of the classes. So important to expose our kids to the possibilities of it. Thanks for the interesting read

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