Guaranteed ways to meet your Teen girls where they are.

Guaranteed ways to meet your Teen girls where they are

Trust me when I say the teen years hit differently, and we as parents need to keep abreast of the time our kids are living in now coupled with its countless challenges and vices. We cannot wish these times away, unfortunately, but we can always be at least one step ahead to better guide our growing teenagers on the correct part. The goal here is to raise a wholesome daughter, and for that, we constantly need to educate and equip one another. And one such way is to share resources that are helping me navigate this wonderful journey of parenting girls with you.

I have never felt more connected and invested in a book as I did with this one. It felt as though like I was the one writing this book, especially as it relates to the author’s upbringing. We both grew up in the era of modesty culture, purity rings, abstinence pledges, youth camp, and WWJD- What would Jesus do? Sword drills and kissing dating goodbye. As you are teaching your kids the ways of the bible, the world is teaching them the exact opposite, which may leave a lot of them confused and prone to errors. So you can imagine my greatest joy when this book – Behind Closed Doors, came in the mailbox.


Behind Closed Doors is a practical guide for parents guiding their tweens and teens through cultural change and modern-day health threats. Jessica Peck, a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four help parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding challenging moments and find freedom in honest conversations grounded in faith in Christ.

There are many jokes about the difficulties of raising a teenager, but beneath these jokes, parents are hurting and feeling helpless while their teens are navigating extraordinary cultural challenges unlike anything faced by previous generations. Teens are feeling more isolated, anxious, and depressed. But how can we help them effectively navigate social challenges when we don’t have the social skills to communicate authentically with dignity and compassion? How do we create safe spaces in a seemingly unsafe world?

Jessica Peck (DNP, APRN) has spent countless hours advising and encouraging parents after talking to their teens behind closed doors. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations that happen in the clinic to relationship-building conversations at home.

Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help parents assess their teen’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health and ultimately help them strengthen their connection with their kids. She has divided her book into three sections:

Behind closed doors.
Behind closed doors.
  • Behind the Clinic Door: professional advice for parents on tough teenage issues from a health impact lens, sharing true stories of patients.
  • Behind the Home Door: suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give parents conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue with their teens on tough issues and meet them at their point of need.
  • Behind the Heart Door: a time of reflection and spiritual application for parents to explore devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers for parents, themed Christian music playlists, and prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters, a generational keepsake for teens.

Covering topics including mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, substance abuse, gender identity, and more, Jessica Peck’s book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone who is serving a parental role in a teen’s life.

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I hope this blesses you and your family as much as it did ours.

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