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When I was a kid, one of my favourite things to do was watch TV. I would spend hours watching cartoons and sitcoms, and I never thought twice about it. Unfortunately, kids are inundated with inappropriate content at a very young age. So it’s been a little worrisome the programs and shows available for our kids to consume daily. But thankfully, God has answered our prayers in mysterious ways! Recently, I received free streaming to Minno kids and Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for kids to review. These have been a needed break from all the current junk for kids to consume. I’m so grateful that my prayers were answered, and I know other parents will be too! Thank you, God! Thank you, Minno!

Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

About Minno

Minno kids is a streaming platform with endless hours of faith-filled kids’ shows and devotionals. They create and curate shows kids love and parents feel great about. Each episode on their platform is continuously reviewed to ensure its entertaining, educational, and theologically accurate content.

The top shows on our platform include VeggieTalea, Bibleman, Owlegories, Minno 5 Minute Family Devotionals, and Minno Church at Home.

My girls love watching Veggietales and Boz the bear. The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for kids remind me of The little book of the bible I had while growing up. I’m so excited to have found this for my kids! The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible will Guide readers from Genesis to Revelation, retelling beloved Bible stories and tackling tricky questions like “What is sin?” and “What is the trinity?”

My girls are streaming and reading Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids.

Each story is vividly illustrated, and it takes just about five minutes to read. It includes a family connection to encourage family Bible study and help readers learn to read, talk and pray together! Plus, bonus content connects the dots of each Bible story, making the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for kids a family devotional Bible that provides a big picture, applicational view of the Biblical narrative.

Minno Kids is an excellent way for kids to learn about God while also being entertained. I highly recommend it for families who want to instil their faith in their children. Thank you, Minno Kids, for providing such an excellent service!

Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

If you’re looking for a faith-based alternative to the secular content out there, I highly recommend Minno Kids. You can sign up for a free trial at minnokids.com or get your kids the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible! Inside the Bible, you’ll find a coupon for 2 FREE months of Minno Kids, giving you instant access to hours of faith-filled shows.

I hope you find this a helpful resource for your family as much as we did! God bless!

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