Anyone close to me knows how much I love devotionals. I have tons of them that I use daily, so you can imagine my excitement when I received this beautiful Devotional called Purify My Heart – A Dialogue with Jesus to review. I mean, God knows me too well to get this into my hands.



In her devotional prayer journal, Isabelle Joye records Scripture and her prayers to the Lord, but also what she senses Jesus is saying to her in response. The result is a beautiful dialogue, as she allows the words of the Lord, rooted in the Word, to minister to the deepest recesses of her heart, soul, and mind and purify her to become increasingly holy before him.

Isabelle Joye shares examples of her dialogue with Jesus to inspire her readers to establish their dynamic and interactive relationship with the Lord. At the end of each chapter, readers will discover questions and lined pages to journal their responses.



As much as this Devotional is a personal dialogue between Isabelle Joye (The writer) and God, it has a way of drawing you in. Even if you do not have the same encounter, you must have experienced God similarly.

Chapter One talks about her salvation experience and how God found her after so much soul, spiritual and physical search. At the end of the chapter, I have dedicated space to journal about my own salvation experience and prayer. It is simply amazing because I have never written about my salvation experience. Its feel so good.

Chapter two talks about how God wants us to be perfect just as he is perfect (Matthew 5:48). This book has opened my eyes to what this bible verse means instead of what I believed. God said to her;

My daughter, only I know excatly the blue-print i ordained for you from birth. It is for you to seek me and that perfect design and to follow beside me. As you follow me closely, you will keep on the narrow road and not fall away. Satan would have you slip and unable to carry out your work, and thus delay your christian growth. So be diligent, and do not compare yourself with others. You are unique, and the ministry i ordained for you is also unique.


Reading this Devotional is very dear and genuine to me. It is as though God is speaking to me directly. I can feel the presence of God so strong and so near. It’s so hard to not read through the devotional like it’s a novel. I have to use all my willpower and God’s grace to treat this book as a devotional. This book will help figure out your purpose and calling in life if you are still confused or unsure what your mission is on earth

If you desire a deep relationship and a closer walk with God, you need t get this devotional. It will speak directly to you and your situation, enrich your life, strengthen your resolve and faith in God and equip you with a better walk with God. Get yours here.

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