Just what if there are no mothers?


This year mother’s day got me thinking of the question “just what if there are no mothers?” The more think it, the more chaotic the pictures swirling in my head.


How can reproduction take place without women? True, science makes the amazing things happen, but we can’t eliminate the process of fertilization in women. Let’s assume eggs created through the same amazing science world, is planted in a male for 9 months…. .Absolutely unthinkable right? I’m laughing out loud here just trying to imagine men walking about the street heavily pregnant. I know a few that would not be able to stand up from the same spot for the entire nine-month duration. In fact, many will not survive only five-minute of strong contraction, especially those ones preceding delivery.


The baby finally arrives and imagine a man sitting for about 1 hour breastfeeding a newborn and two other toddlers calling out daddy this, daddy that, almost making it impossible for the new addition to get a nap, which made the Babb Dr cranky! Hold on a moment while I finish another round of laughter.


Everyone is finally asleep at 10 pm! Thank heavens daddy can finally breathe, then he sneaks into the room at about 12:30 am, after putting the house in order and as he tried to lay on the squeaking bed, boom! There goes the loudest cry in history. Yes, the newborn is awake, and guess what? It’s now morning for the baby. Oh! poor daddy rocks, sings, dances, pets, and all, the baby finally sleeps back at 6 am which is the time daddy ought to wake up to prepare three kids for daycare before heading to his place of work. Gosh! Amazingly this is on repeat for a very long time.


So many such scenarios that are best left in our imaginative minds. After all is said and done, I see a totally chaotic life and a broken-down system without women in the world.


Why don’t you take another moment to appreciate the gift of women to the world?


My Mother

“Who sat and watched my infant’s head 

When sleeping on my cradle bed, 

And tears of sweet affection shed? 

My Mother. 



When pain and sickness made me cry, 

Who gazed upon my heavy eye, 

And wept for fear that I should die? 

My Mother. 


Who taught my infant lips to pray 

And love God’s holy book and day, 

And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way? 

My Mother. 


And can I ever cease to be 

Affectionate and kind to thee, 

Who wast so very kind to me, y

My Mother? 


Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear, 

And if God please my life to spare 

I hope I shall reward thy care, 

My Mother. 


When thou art feeble, old and gray, 

My healthy arm shall be thy stay, 

And I will soothe thy pains away, 

My Mother.”


by Ann Taylor



This is wishing all mothers out there a super amazing mothers day.



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  1. Happy mothers day Bolade,how are you and my princesses just seeing this page it’s great keep it up.

  2. You can never rule out the place of a mother.
    Also as an addition to what you wrote, while the cycle continues, don’t forget that the child gets married and the’ dad’must continue with the ”omugwo” Lol(relocating to the childs residence to help and assist in taking care of the grandchild )
    It’s a very hard and demanding cycle but if we learn to take one day dt a time and hand over All to God it becomes an easy task….

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