From Taboos to Truth: Top Secrets for Millenial Moms.

From taboos to truth

Navigating the journey of motherhood and adolescence with Gen Z girls can be both rewarding and challenging. As millennial moms, we understand the concerns that come with raising daughters in today’s fast-paced world. Unwanted pregnancies, peer pressure, and self-esteem issues are just a few of the hurdles we need to address. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical strategies to equip our daughters with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed choices and embrace their futures.

 “Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary, the devil, goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour – 1 Peter 5:8 (This means the devil is not resting, and so we cannot afford to rest as parents as well).

“Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it” – Proverbs 22:6.

Power of faith
Power of Faith
  1. The Power of Faith

    As moms, we often turn to our faith for guidance. It’s essential to instil strong values in our daughters by introducing them to the teachings of our faith. The Bible, for example, offers wisdom on the importance of waiting until marriage for sexual relations. These conversations should start early and continue throughout their tween and teenage years. Praying for our daughters’ well-being and guidance is a constant source of strength. It is very important to raise our daughters to be God-fearing by bringing them up in the way of the lord. Why is this important? The Holy Bible is the Christian manual for living our lives. What we can and cannot do is written in this special holy book. 

  2. Engage in comprehensive Sex Education.

     Open and honest discussions about the human body, reproductive systems, and pregnancy are vital. By providing accurate information, we can dispel myths and misconceptions. Avoiding euphemisms and presenting the facts can empower our daughters to make responsible decisions regarding their bodies and relationships. I recall from my own upbringing that some of our parents would warn us that any physical contact with a boy would result in immediate pregnancy, but, of course, this notion didn’t hold water because it wasn’t accurate.

    It’s essential to be upfront with your daughters about these crucial matters because, otherwise, they might receive incorrect or overly sugar-coated information from their friends. Trust me, you don’t want that to be their primary source of knowledge. If you feel the need to conduct more in-depth research on how the human body works before broaching the topic, by all means, take that extra step. Additionally, considering that most girls enjoy attention and pampering, try to make the conversation as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

  3. Navigating Relationships

    Teaching your daughters about healthy relationships and handling advances from boys is crucial. Role-play various scenarios to prepare them for different situations, including peer pressure, teasing, or unwanted advances. This not only equips them with the tools to respond but also fosters trust and shows that we believe in their judgment. They need to know how to deal with boys and their advances because loads of that will definitely come, so the earlier we prepare them, the better. This kind of conversation will also help them to identify the genuine ones they can be friends with. Another benefit of having these conversations with them is to give them the assurance that you trust them to handle boys.

    Mom and daughter
    Mom and daughter
  4. Peer Pressure and Friendships

     Discuss the concept of peer pressure and how it can influence their choices. Encourage your daughters to choose friends wisely, emphasizing the importance of surrounding themselves with positive influences. Open dialogue about their friendships and any concerns they may have is essential. Inform them about what peer pressure can do. It can either make or mar them, so they must choose their friends wisely.

    It’s important to teach your daughters to recognize the difference between a negative, unhealthy friend and a good one. Negative friends often exert pressure and influence in a way that’s not in their best interest. Share real-life stories of girls who ended up with unwanted pregnancies due to associating with the wrong crowd. Some of these friends may insist that having a boyfriend is a must, and they may even threaten to end the friendship if your daughter doesn’t have a boyfriend or agree to start dating. Encourage open conversations about their friends, their backgrounds, and the topics they discuss. Provide guidance based on your observations and insights.

    Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that your daughter is a positive influence on her friends as well. Sometimes, young individuals may project a different persona when they’re with their friends compared to when they’re at home. Finding ways to understand their true character and addressing any negative attitudes immediately is vital to their personal growth and well-being.

    Mom and daughter
    Mom and daughter
  5. Building Self-Esteem

    High self-esteem is a powerful defence against negative influences. Encourage your daughters to appreciate their unique qualities and talents. Utilize resources like the Big Life Journal to boost their self-esteem and promote a growth mindset. Positive affirmations and self-love exercises can work wonders in building their confidence. Good and high self-esteem will help your daughter to stand her ground when she gets unwanted advances. When your daughter has low self-esteem, she feels invaluable and almost worthless and can fall into the hands and traps of her predators. So, it is very important to build your daughter’s self-esteem. We need to continue to encourage them to see themselves for who they truly are and appreciate their unique personalities. Low self-esteem has destroyed a lot of girls, so we need to stop it in its stride before any more damage is done.

  6. Real-Life Lessons

    Use real-life stories and movies to illustrate the potential consequences of early pregnancies and unhealthy relationships. These visual examples can be impactful in helping them make informed decisions and understand the long-term implications of their choices. However, choose wisely by watching first; you don’t want to scare them with extremely gory visuals, as this is not the goal. The goal is for them to see how difficult it can be to care for children at that young age. 

  7. The Power of Prayer

    Never underestimate the power of prayer. As parents, continuous and heartfelt prayer can provide guidance and protection for our daughters. Pray for their safety, wisdom, and strength, and be specific in your requests. Prayer is our best weapon as parents. Pray without ceasing, and be specific in your prayers.

If you notice something about your daughter, tell God exactly what you have noticed in prayer and trust him to right all wrongs.Click To Tweet Pray, pray and pray again.

Raising daughters in this modern world presents unique challenges, but as moms, we are well-equipped to empower them to make informed decisions. By combining faith, comprehensive sex education, open communication, relationship guidance, peer pressure awareness, self-esteem building, real-life examples, and the strength of prayer, we can help our daughters navigate adolescence and motherhood with confidence, resilience, and a strong foundation for their futures. Together, we can create a supportive environment where our daughters can thrive and make choices that lead to fulfilling lives.

From taboos to truth pin
From taboos to truth pin

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