Mother, Daughter Vision Board.

My daughters and I caught the bug of making our own vision boards and we love it so much because it is very strategic to making our goals visible and giving our goals life. They have been exposed to daily positive affirmations so, we try as much as possible to make it part of their daily living.  We are however taking it up a notch by bringing our positive affirmations and goals to life.

To get the daily positive affirmation for your girls you can subscribe to the blog at the end of this post and a copy will be sent to you. Print them and stick them where they can easily see it and read every day. It works wonders in transforming their self-esteem and image. Thank me later.

So I think it’s amazing to introduce our daughters to vision boards making at an early age to keep them focused on their goals all year round. If you are yet to work out tangible and visible goals with your daughters, check out Daughter Goals. This comprises of our goals for them as our daughters and their own personal goals. I so much believe in parents discussing their goals for their daughters with them, instead of assuming they will know somehow, someway thereby expecting they behave in a certain way. It is our primary duty to set them on the right track. We, therefore, ought to help set goals and give them life through our vision board.


My daughter’s goal for the year 2018.



Material needed;

  • A written Goal
  • Old Magazines or any available ones.
  • A4 copy  paper or 8/10 paper size
  • glues
  • scissors
  • A photo frame (we used the 8/10 size)

Old Magazines.

The Steps we took;


I explained what a vision board means to the girls in simple terms and their excitement fueled the determination to get them started on the journey.

  1. Since they already have their goals written out, I instructed them to bring it out and we used it as a guide to getting the magazine’s cut out ready.
  2. Next, I brought out my old magazines and theirs too. We flipped through and cut out all that is relevant to our goals.
  3. For words we could not find, we typed them out and printed them out.
  4. Then we got a plain copy A4 paper and arranged all the cut out in the order my daughters wanted. They moved them around a bit but that’s okay.
  5. When they were satisfied with the layout, we proceeded to apply the glue on each cut-out and placed them in the desired place. They loved it.
  6. I took out the photo frame, inserted the completed vision board sheet and coupled it back. By this time, the photo frame was face down and the girls begged for it to be revealed, but to add some more fun and suspense, I stalled. After so much squeak and screams, I finally revealed the Vision board frame and their excitement shot through the roof.
  7. They choose to have it by their bed stand so It can be the first thing they see when they wake up, but since we have two inquisitive toddlers in the house I decided to hang it on the wall just beside their beds.


Our girl’s Vision Board


The best lesson I learned from this experience is that hands-on activities such as these are very beneficial for our daughters (or children) because it helps them to be a part of the process and keeps them focused on their goals. It is moreover not a surprise that they know all their goals by heart by the time we finished making the vision board.

The visibility of vision boards makes it stand out and helps our goals more achievable. I read so much about Vision boards this past year, but this is the first time we tried it out. The process in itself makes it relatable and believable. I’m glad we simplified it enough for them to be able to explain to anyone that shows an interest. Plus I feel this is the best time ( the beginning of the year) to put our goals and dreams into perspective.

To truly give our vision board the life it deserves, we will hold ourselves accountable by analyzing our outcomes to the board at the end of every month and offer encouragement wherever necessary.

And as for moms, you are free to create a vision board that works for you. You can have a weekly, monthly or yearly Vision boards. It can be a board, frame, journal or even a planner. You are absolutely in charge. Just keep your eyes on the goal.

Remember the adage;


Out of sight is out mind.

Author unknown.


Yes! keep those goals in sight, work hard and work smart to make it work. You are your only limitation. So go for it.

I urge you to create a vision board with your girls (or children) and share with us, my daughters and I will be very happy to see them.


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  1. I love the idea of bringing our positive affirmations and goals to life. This is a wonderful lesson to do with our children. I would also love to teach this as one of my guidance lessons! Great article 🙂

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I want to remember this for when my daughter gets a little bigger. This seems like such a great way to connect with your girls. Love the idea!

  3. My daughter loves arts and crafts so this would be fun for us to do together. Writing down and visualizing goals is so important no matter what your age.

  4. This is a great idea!!! I think this method would help my daughter see a connection between the words she writes and the pictures she sees on her board.

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