Raise a Dangerous Daughter.

Prayer changes things by changing us first. This is not just a statement but the absolute truth. Not only do I believe in prayers, it’s what keeps me going. Just like water is important to man, so is prayer. If prayer is this important then it is one of the vital things I want my daughters to grow up with and I’m super glad that as little as they are, they are already beginning to experience the power in praying. This gives me so much joy.When your daughter cultivates the habit of praying and doing it the right way she will be very powerful and a dangerous force to reckon with.


Why am I so joyful in my daughters talking to God through prayers? Gosh! it just simplifies things for them and keeps them from going around in circles. I want them to grow up knowing prayer is needed, It’s simple and easy ( very, very) and FREE.



God seeks to communicate with his children and one of the ways he does this is through prayers, Just like we love to communicate with our children. Imagine your daughter just talking to you and not waiting for a response or reaction before storming off. That is exactly how God feels when we don’t speak to him at all or wait for him to respond to our speech. Prayer is a two-way communication.

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Our daughters need prayers to:

  • Stay in constant touch with their creator (God)
  • Get instructions for the day.
  • Commit their day into God’s hand.
  • Show gratitude to God for everything.
  • Commit their present and future to God’s hands.
  • Withstand opposition and enemies.
  • Succeed in whatever they do.
  • Survive.



I think one of the reasons why people don’t pray as much as they talk about praying is that they feel prayer needs to be said in a particular format or way. NO. You can talk to God whenever and wherever. In fact, the Bible implores us to pray without ceasing. Meaning, Prayers should be a continuous thing. While it is good to set apart a quiet place, kneel down, stand or lie down to pray, it is never a set standard. Encourage your daughters to pray anywhere.

  • Prayer should be the first thing they do when they wake up: Like I mentioned earlier, this can be done however they like. It might be just a sentence – Thank you God for a new day, to longer prayers. The point is to just put God first by praying.
  • Pray in the school bus or while being driven to and fro to school. (Remember to tell them praying shouldn’t disturb anyone, so while in public places, they can pray in their mind). God hears us however we pray.
  • Pray when they get to their school.
  • Pray at recess.
  • Pray while at lunch.
  • Pray while watching cartoon or relaxing.
  • Pray before going to bed.

These get them comfortable enough to have a special relationship with God. When they understand that they have an invincible father they can talk to and who listens to them, they begin to take their fears, challenges and even wins to him, instead of friends. There’s no better friend than God.

Remind them also that when they talk to God, it is not every time he talks back to us. He can talk back ( speak audibly), speak to their heart, use things, people and circumstances to answer them. He wants to know everything, even the little or things you deem foolish.

And guess what? we will worry less when our daughters are well equipped with the right tools…….Prayer.



Dare to raise a dangerous daughter today. Get them equipped.

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  1. I love how you point out that prayer doesn’t have to be done in such a specific manner. God listens to us regardless if we are on our knees or if we share a simple thought during our day.

  2. Prayer is so important to pass on to our daughters and all our children. You’re so right- so important to teach our babies great habits and will help them as adults.

  3. Prayers are so essential and the best part is God accepts it all ! Thanks for sharing:) I appreciate this.

  4. Beautifully written. Prayer has changed my life. It’s not something I grew up with, but later found in adulthood and is something I am definitely teaching my daughters about.

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