Secret to getting your girl’s to enjoy cooking.


Cooking is a life skill that needs to be taken seriously. No doubt it is not all girl’s or women that love to cook, however, everybody likes or needs to eat to survive,  so getting our girls interested in cooking and baking at an early age is very important. As for me, cooking is one the best things I enjoy doing and looking back, it stems from having a mother who loves to cook and cater for events (What can I do without you mom? love you loads). I have three sisters and a brother, but all five of us are good cooks, even my brother! I love good food and I strive to make good food too. And for most women that enjoy cooking and makes lovely dishes, they rarely opt for junk foods as opposed to a well-prepared meal. 






There are so many reasons why you need to get your girl’s all fired up about cooking at an early age. Cooking helps to steer clear from eating junk foods all the time, which can impact their health in a bad way. Also, most men love to eat good food and remember the saying,


“The best way to a man’s heart is through his food.”


Cooking food is more economical than buying fast food, so get them on the right footing fast. Cooking and eating healthy makes your skin glow and beautiful. 


I was initially scared and skeptical about allowing my daughter stay around in the kitchen, let alone cook. But I have since got over the phobia because they can only learn from what they see or exposed to, dangers or not. So we started with learning the basic safety and hygiene rules in the kitchen.



Our kitchen safety and hygiene rules.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching anything in the kitchen.
  • Don’t touch the cooker or the pots that sit on the cooker without a napkin 
  • Do not touch the knives without the supervision of an adult, and most often than not, the kitchen scissors is a better option for them and so much safer too.
  • keep all leftover food or ingredient yet in use, covered every time.
  • Clean up spilled water to avoid accident through slipping.
  • Ask for help to use the oven .
  • Ask questions.



When all the safety rules have been gotten out of the way, it’s time to get the girl’s wanting to come back to the kitchen.


♥ The first thing to start them off on is allowing them to stay close by and watch you cook.


♥ Teach them to wash the fruits and vegetables for cooking.


♥ Teach them how to heat food in the microwave.


♥ Teach them how to use the blender for various foods, especially smoothies.


♥ Get all the measuring cups out, and show them the difference, then allow them to help you do the measuring (they will be eager to take turns). Always measure in a separate bowl before adding to the cooking or batter.


♥ Then show them where different cooking utensils, ingredient, foodstuffs, and seasoning are kept ( By allowing them to unpack grocery shopping and putting them at the proper places, they learn faster).


♥ Next, ask them for specific needs while cooking, and give them time to search and get them ( this is always like a game ).


♥ While transitioning to cooking by themselves while you watch, let them start with cooking their favorite meal, (my girls started with noodles and fried eggs, white rice, makes their cereal and sandwich) then begin to introduce other simple meals gradually. Recipes are a good way to teaching them how to cook new and interesting meals. So you can also invest in good cookbooks for kids.  


My eight year old making her favorite, noodles + mixed vegetables + egg.


Patience is key in helping our girls fall in love with the art of cooking. Always remember they cannot be as perfect as you are, so give room for mistakes, chaos, and messy kitchen but also teach them how to clean up properly after themselves. Furthermore, invest in colorful and attractive kitchen utensils ( they come very cheap and affordable), kitchen napkins and a step stool for the younger ones. 


The benefits of getting your girls to love cooking are endless. But I particularly love it as another means of bonding and getting closer to them. When you create time to do special activities like this together, they start to open up more and give you so much information, you will be wondering where all that came from. And the memories? unforgettable. I can remember all the time in the kitchen with my mom like yesterday. 


Washing up after cooking is another difficult task for girl’s and women and as a matter of choice, I do not make use of the dishwasher. We started off by implementing the rules to wash up immediately after yourself. So when the girls eat, they wash their plates and we do likewise. They are now at the stage of the older washing while the younger rinse off. they so much love it, (Water bills and soap waste! you scream right?). It’s all part of the training. Repetition is the way to do it. keep telling them over and over. Don’t waste too much water and soap on repetitive mode.



The best way to get your girls to love cooking and be the best at it is to get them in the kitchen as early as they can walk and talk. You can sit them in the high chair to watch as you cook and before long they will join you in the adventures of cooking and you mom and dad will reap your labor of love soon enough. How pleasing will it be, to go out for a little while and before you get back, your 10-year-old daughter has a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting or your favorite meal waiting for you with, I LOVE YOU MOM note beside it on the dining table? Surreal right? But that’s the focus. So, momma’s let’s get to work.


Share with us in the comment box below tips that have helped you. Thanks for reading.



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15 Responses on this post

  1. My 4 year old (soon to be 5) and I watch baking shows together all the time, she loves to watch me bake and she also loves helping in the process.
    A couple of weeks ago she baked her first cheese bread (which turned out to be cheese cookies, no yeast or proving) which I ate all by myself ☺
    She started the process with the supervision of her dad and she requested for all the ingredients and did all the mixing by herself but oven was done by dad (she knows not to go near). I was amazed and I enjoyed it.

  2. What a great post 🙂 Despite my mum enjoying cooking, I still hate it haha. One of my least favourite things to do ever, mainly because kitchens are hot and I’m a cold weather type of gal haha! I struggle sometimes to prepare proper meals but do try to get my little one involved when possible (shes 2.5) because I know it’s an important skill and I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it more than I do. So far she enjoys cracking eggs and can do that herself and she enjoys playing with her play kitchen but as far as stirring and baking other things she’s completely uninterested at the moment and says “Mum you do it” as she walks away. Hopefully that’ll change…

    1. Thanks Genesis’ mum. Your daughter made me laugh. But i do understand not everyone will enjoy cooking but the good thing you know how to cook. And I’m sure my little friend will get to do more eventually. She’s a pro for even trying to crack eggs at age 2.5.

  3. Great thoughts on cooking. I agree completely–cooking is a vital to LIFE, so therefore everyone should learn at least a little. And you do tend to eat healthier when you cook on your own. My daughter loves to cook. She’s 16 now and is fully capable in the kitchen. She can make full meals and does a fantastic job. You’ve got some great pointers and tips here for kids and parents who are beginning this fun and worthwhile journey.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I know a handful of 18 year old that cannot cook nothing. I’m glad your daughter is capable at 16 year old. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My 2.5yr old loves “cooking” we got her a set of plastic foods n cutlery that she’s always “cooking”. 😀 And i let her stir dry ingredients or pour the noodle packets into the pot – she loves to help and after reading this it’s strengthened my resolve to encourage her. I don’t particularly love cooking though lol.

  5. I love this! I was not taught to cook by my mom, so had to learn on my own. I’m teaching my daughter how to cook, bake, etc. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn’t! She may grow to hate it, but at least she will at least not be limited by not knowing this skill!

    1. I love the fact that you are doing your own part of teaching and that’s all that matters. Thanks for stopping by Tnmitch

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