Summer Sleepover Tips for your Daughters 

As your daughters get older, it’s almost certain that they’ll start getting invited to more and more sleepover. Summertime is always a big time for sleepover to start occurring since there isn’t any worry about school happening the next day. And if your daughters love sleepover, like most of them does, it’s good to talk to them and prepare them with a few tips for those overnight. My daughters love sleepover and have not ceased to make the request at every given opportunity they have, we however need to make certain they understand some certain things about the sleepover and why we have reservations about it.

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We believe that while it’s important for them to have fun, it’s just as important to make certain that they understand a few simple rules as well. If you are looking for a few summer sleepover tips for your daughters, here are some suggestions to talk to them about before they go!


Summer Sleepover Tips for your Daughters

  • Before agreeing to sleepover especially if it is not with family members, be sure to get to know their friends and family very well for your own peace of mind and for your daughter’s safety. We call it mini background check, Okay that sounds a bit too serious but you sure know what i mean.
  • Remind your daughters that you’re only a phone call away. Going to a sleepover is always very exciting but that doesn’t always mean that excitement stays. Depending on where your daughters go or how often they’ve slept away from home, that feeling of homesickness can start to creep in. If they know that you’re only a phone call away to talk to them or come and pick them up, they’ll be less likely to worry as much and may settle in a bit better. It is way easier to welcome sleepover at yours than to send them out for one. But remember some other parents feel the same way too. So just make it work.
  • Encourage them to be themselves and have fun. If your daughters tend to be a bit on the shy side, just remind them they are perfect the way that they are and that they got invited to a sleepover because of just how awesome they truly are. sleepover are such a fun time for kids to really solidify friendships that it’s important for your daughters to know that they got invited because of their personality in the first place! Like i say often,when you find a good friend, you hold on tight to that friendship as if your life depends on it.
  • Tell them it’s okay to say “NO” when necessary. Peer pressure is a real thing and happens all the time. Let your daughters know that if they don’t feel comfortable with something at the sleepover, it’s absolutely fine to say “no”. Supporting them and their voice and decisions are important to the growth in your daughters. The sooner that you can talk to them about peer pressure, the better. But remember, they can only say no if they know the difference between what is right and wrong. So if you have no family value or principles, sit together as a family and come up with some, so your daughters know what you stand for. If you have already, read it to them and keep reminding them too.
  • Let them know that sleep is important! No matter what, they’ll be tempted to pull an “all-night” and stay up all night, trying to see that 5 AM morning sunrise. And while it may sound exciting, the next day can and will be torture! Encourage them to hit the hay early so that they won’t have to sleep the next day away. And if they are worried that this will be the one and only time to stay up late at a sleepover, remind them that they’ll have many sleepover as they grow older and this isn’t the only one to try to cram everything into.
  • Keep up with the same nightly routine that they do before bedtime at home. Just because they are at someone else’s home doesn’t mean that their hygiene routines should go out the window. Prayers, washing, Brushing teeth, washing face, changing into pajamas and reading are all nightly routines that they should be followed at their sleepover as well. My daughters always begin and end their night with God, and so sleepover should not stop these.
  • Always show that you appreciate your host by packing a special gift for her. It will be a surprise but they sure will love it.
  • Be sure to pack everything necessary for your daughters sleep away from home.


♥ The bible

♥ Pajamas

♥ Toothbrush and toothpaste

♥ Washcloth

♥ Blanket

♥ Change of clothe and underwear

♥ Slippers

♥ Hairbrush

♥ A good book to read.

Any other thing they wish to take.


This weekend we had their cousins over for a sleepover. It was a girls hostel (6 girls). They had too much fun and can’t wait to have another sleepover with them soon. Moreover, my daughter will be ten years in a few months and I’m thinking of surprising her with a sleepover party. She will definitely love it. keeping my fingers crossed on that, because I have a couple of options on my mind. Whatever it is i decide on, one thing is certain, she will have loads of fun.Time sure flies by so fast!



Encourage your daughters to have fun at their sleepover, but remind them of a few of these simple tips as well. While it’s tempting to forget all the rules and behaviors that are enforced at home, don’t let them! It’s entirely possible for them to have their nightly routine, and still have fun at their sleepover! And when they are encouraged to be themselves and have fun knowing that they are loved and getting to have a fun sleepover with friends, it makes the sleepover all that much better as well! The next time that your daughters get invited to a sleepover, get excited with them, and for them! They are going to have so much fun!




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