The Benefits of Journaling for Girls.

Writing in a journal is comforting for all ages and variety of people. Think about your life and the times that you’ve stopped to write out your thoughts and your feelings. More than likely, you’ve journaled (even though you may have called it something different) at some point in your life to help you get through an emotion or a tough time. Or possibly you used journaling as a way to write happy thoughts and celebrations. Whatever emotion you were feeling at the moment that made you decide to write it out is more than likely going to be some of the same emotions that your daughters are going through as well. Why not take the initiative and teach the benefits of journaling for girls to your daughters. They may find out that they love it as much as you did!

Benefits of Journaling for Girls

  • Journaling can help to bridge the communication gap between parents and their daughters. They experience so many things during their day that they cannot discuss with you immediately. writing such experiences prevents them from being forgotten.
  • Journaling helps them to write out their feelings and gives room for self-expression. It’s not good for anyone to keep all those thoughts and feelings bottled up inside their minds and hearts. If your daughters need an outlet, writing things out is the perfect one. Encourage them to write what they are thinking and let them know that the journal is their property, and their property only. If they are worried that someone else (especially friends) may read it, they may not be as likely to write out their real and natural feelings.
  • Journaling encourages them to listen to their thoughts. How many times have we all been guilty of thinking something and then pushing it away towards the back of our minds? If you let your girls have a thought and write it out, they’ll be likely to feel better about vocalizing those thoughts to you as well. Not only can writing help your daughters to open up more, but it also helps them to find the words that they are looking for to be able to communicate with you better as well.
  • Journaling helps them to work on their penmanship. Living in a world of technology means that writing things down with a good ol’ paper and pencil aren’t quite as common as they used to be. One of the great benefits of journaling for girls is that it keeps their writing skills and communication skills sharp for when they need them in the future.
  • Journaling helps them feel as though they have a hobby. While it may sound odd, it’s true. And everyone likes the feeling of having some sort of hobby that they can do. Some people sew, read, or collect things, while others may decide that their hobby is to write. Whatever the reason, urge your daughters to journal.
  • Journaling can lead to a love of writing and reading. What may start out as a simple journal that your daughter writes in daily, can actually turn into something bigger. There’s always the possibility that your daughter will love journaling so much that she’ll decide to take her passion and turn in into her career. Can you imagine if she wanted to become a writer or an author all because she started journaling at a young age?
  • Journaling preserves memories. Imagine your daughter picking up a journal years later to read, I can bet there will be a big smile on that beautiful face while she turns the pages.
  • Journaling helps us parent to identify when our daughters struggle with any issue they may either be uncomfortable with to discuss with you or you were not there at that instance. Encouraging them to Journal will keep us up to date with issues they may be facing that needs our attention.

Introducing the Godfidencefabgirls journal!

The most important reasons why I designed these journal for our daughters is 1, To help create opportunities for deeper connection and relationship between parents (especially mothers) and their daughters. Remember this is not a diary and shouldn’t be treated as such. I envisioned and recommend a daily, weekly or monthly review with your daughters as time permits you. You will get to know your daughter on a deeper level and connect as well. Note of warning here is to handle issues with them wisely as they arise. 2, I read and watched how so many of our young girls are committing suicide and my heart bleeds time and time again. This can be avoided and journaling is one of the ways to curb suicide thoughts and depressing thoughts as they start. As you review this journal; with your daughters, you will be able to recognize where they need help the most. Moreover, Journaling should be fun and creative, so these journals include daily prompts, color pages, daily affirmations and over 160 pages. The two journal caters for younger girls (5 to 12 years) and teenage girls (13 years upwards).



There is no better time to get these journals into your girl’s hands as they get ready to go back to school in a few weeks. They will absolutely love it and you will be glad you did because you will love how they will grow with these.

Above all urge your daughter to journal as they have a lot to gain from it than loose. There are so many great benefits that can come from journaling! And while you are encouraging her to journal, think about starting to do it yourself as well if you have not already because Journaling can be very therapeutic. Also, Parents should practice what they are preaching to their children and starting to journal as well is the perfect way to do so! Let your daughters know that their journal is their thoughts, but you will always be there to help them to set things straight by guiding and advising them. After all, journaling is not only a great way to release emotions, it’s also an amazing way to bridge the communication gap between parents and their daughters.

Parenting is not a walk in the park but guess what? You are doing a fantastic job!

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  1. I LOVE this! I agree with what you said that it can help create stronger bonds and help them grow in confidence, along with other things. I enjoy journaling and I can’t wait for my daughter to get bigger so we can start a mommy/daughter journal.

  2. My mother and I used to co-journal. It was so great and super helpful. We were able to express things to each other we might not have ever said. So special.

  3. Personally, journaling has been a huge help to me in working through issues I’ve been having. Being able to shut your brain off and just write really helps find the answers within yourself. It’s such a great tool.

  4. My grown daughter was encouraged to journal by a counselor recently…I can’t help but feel it might have been beneficial when she was younger as well! Great guidance!

  5. This is such a wonderful thoughtful idea. So often, it is easier to communicate through written words. Journaling is a great way to encourage self-reflection.

  6. When I’m going through a challenging season in life, I journal. It not only helps young girls get their thoughts out. it helps me too, Great post.

  7. I wonder if there are any studies on the effects of journaling on boys. We are constantly telling our son to use his words. As he gets older, I think journaling would be a great way for him to learn how to express his feelings.

  8. This is a great post! I am always encouraging my daughters to journal as well! I agree with the benefits!

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