The Best Gift For Christian Moms

The best gift for Christian moms

My heart is filled with joy as I write this review as I have searched so much for a Daily planner that aligns with my need and values. It is self-evident that this Daily planner was thoughtfully and strategically put together, and every Christian mom deserves to be gifted this planner. So, if you are gifting yourself or sending this to a loved one to gift, make sure you have this in your possession.

I know so many of us stats to use a planner but fall off the wagon along the line. The Stay True Daily planner is the opposite; it is so good you won’t want to drop this planner.

The Stay True Planner is a carefully curated tool that allows you to set meaningful goals that align with your purpose and values and track your progress throughout the year.

The Stay True full-year planner is undated, so you are not limited to a particular year. In the planner, you will find lined pages for journaling, note-taking, meditating – whatever your needs are. Get yours here.


Stay True to what is right and take control of your life. Designed with function and style in mind, The Stay True Spiritual Growth System will equip you to live life to the fullest, one day at a time.

The Stay True Planner is a carefully curated tool that allows you to set meaningful goals that align with your purpose and values and track your progress throughout the year. 

The Stay True yearly planner spans 12 months and is undated, so you are not limited to a particular year. 

In the planner, you will find lined and blank pages for journaling, note-taking, meditating – whatever your needs are. 

The Stay True full-year planner includes a gift! A fully lined notebook to record your overflow of reflections and thoughts. Jot your ideas, journal your day-to-day experiences, write your meditations, and much more.

Your purchase will also give you access to the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment. The assessment is an essential tool that allows you to be aware of your spiritual awakening and intimacy with Christ in all areas of your life. It encourages you to set long-term and short-term goals per your purpose.

You can access the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment using the Assessment Card found in the planner. This card includes a QR Code, a link that directs you to the assessment page, andunique code to create an account.

The assessment should be used with the planner to maximize your growth! Get your copy here.

Planner Details:

  • Notebook: A fully lined journal to write down your thoughts and reflections
  • Keepsake Box with beautiful stripes 
  • Hardcover with embossed foil details 
  • Silk ribbon marker so you don’t lose your place 
  • Five Pillars of the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment: Accountability, Love, Inspiration, Values, Excellence
  • A.L.I.V.E. Assessment: a tool to align your goals with your purpose
  • Assessment Card: QR Code and link to access your assessment + unique code to create an account
  • Growth Plan: a guide to setting actionable steps to achieve your goals
  • Created with Purpose: a guide to understanding and discovering your purpose
  • Big Audacious Goals: long-term goals to accomplish throughout the year
  • Calendar: a 2-page monthly calendar spread to plan your month
  • Monthly Goals: long-term goals broken down into monthly attainable goals 
  • Daily Actions: daily steps to reach your overall goals
  • Goals for Bible Reading: a guide to enhance your spiritual growth
  • Daily Devotional: daily reflections on your Bible reading of the day
  • Monthly self-check: an opportunity to reflect on the previous month 
  • Year-End Review: an end of year assessment to reflect on
  • Bible References: scriptures to pray and meditate on


1. Purchase your Stay True Planner

Purchase the Stay True full-year planner +  A.L.I.V.E. Assessment.

2. Complete the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment

Scan the QR Code to access the A.L.I.V.E. Assessment page and create an account using the unique code provided. Log in and complete the assessment.

3. Set your Big Audacious Goals

Use the report from your assessment to determine where you are now, and set Big, Audacious Goals to determine where you want to be. Write down your goals in your planner.

4. Write your Monthly & Weekly Goals

Break your Big Audacious Goals into monthly short-term goals and your monthly goals into daily actionable steps to complete each week.

5. Live Life to the Fullest!

Maximize your potential as you accomplish your goals and fulfil your destiny! Get yours here.

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I also received a copy of the Father I Pray teen’s devotional for my daughter. I can tell she loves it cos she dived into it as soon as she got it. I love that there is a journaling prompt included throughout the devotional. It is such a beautiful and useful resource for our daughter, and I know your teenagers will find this useful and relevant too. Get your teenager’s copy here.

Father, I Pray for Teens
Father, I Pray Teens is a 31-day prayer devotional created for teenagers. Give your teenagers the privilege of learning how to effectively communicate with God through scriptures and build a strong prayer life.

Your purchase will include 31 prayer topics pertinent to every teenager.

Find prayer topics such as:

  • Salvation
  • Greatness
  • Drinking and Drugs
  • Protection
  • Obedience
  • Aptitude for Learning
  • Love for God’s Word
  • Excellence
  • Sexual Temptation
  • And much more!

Inside this prayer devotional, you will find:

  • Daily Bible Readings – Guided readings for the day with reflections
  • Daily Bible Promises – Promises to appropriate from the Bible
  • Daily Prayer Prompts – Focused prayers based on the promise of the day
  • Daily Gratitude Prompts – List of things to be grateful for


1. Reflection Page

Start your devotion by setting a date for the day to keep tabs on your streak. Read the bible reading for the day and write down your reflections.

Read God’s promise for you and boldly declare it over yourself! 

Plan your day by reflecting on what to improve from the previous day and what you are grateful for today. Don’t forget to write your to-do list. 

2. Prayer Page

Each day has a new prayer topic. Use the prayer prompts inspired by the Scriptures to pray the will of God over your life.

Read the Bible verse inspired by the prayer topic and think about it throughout the day. Get a copy for your teenager here.

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