The best guide i know.



There’s a special book I know. It’s called the BIBLE. I call it the best guide and manual that I know. There’s absolutely no issue you are facing or will be facing that this special book does not address. All we need to do is search the bible to know how it relates to our situation.


The bible was introduced to me at a very young age. It was mandatory to commit some of the scriptures to heart. And these experiences really helped in shaping who and what I am today and I’m sure for a lot of people too.


However, the bible mobile apps are beginning to take over the physical bible today. In some ways, this is a good development, one of which is convenience. But how do we pass this beautiful legacy on to our children especially the young ones that do not own mobile gadgets? How many homes can boast of at least 2 physical bibles? Gone are those days when the presentation of bibles to children were celebrated. Yes, it was a big deal sometimes ago. For families that can boast of at least two physical bibles in their home, how many of them have the time to read and study the word regularly? We need to bring back the value of God’s word back to our home by catching them young. I have some few pointers in these direction.


  • Get a hard copy of the bible for each of your children. It’s important that they have one with their name inscribed on it. And when you gift them the bible, explain to them how important the special book is your life and to theirs. We can get them colourful and interesting ones or their favorite colour. I saw a beautiful bible sometimes ago and i just knew I had to get it for my first daughter who just started to read at the time. She was four years old then, and she really loved it because it has psaltys songs and attractive pictures. Now she’s eight years old with the same bible and she doesn’t joke with her bible.
  • They need to see you reading the bible regularly and doing what it says for them to take it seriously. As always practise what you preach.
  • Schedule family altar. Set out time to meet with God often as a family. This will give them the opportunity to ask questions and relate it with life experiences. I especially love this time because my girls relates each discussion to their school experiences and uses it as a benchmark for how they behave or other people’s behaviour towards them. Psalm 119:11 says “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee”. What happen when we have no word hidden?
  • Play games of bible sword with them. Call out bible passages to them and whoever finds it first and reads it out, wins. This gets them familiar with the books of the bible. We played this game a lot.
  • Another good way is switching the bible for storybooks at bedtime. Read them the bible instead of some fictional books they read all day in school.


May God give us the wisdom and grace to help steer our children in the right direction.

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