The Ten commandment for kids

I stumbled on a picture frame while shopping and fell in love with it instantly after reading only the first two lines. It totally captures everything I have spoken to my girls about. I said to myself, the designer of this picture frame must have read my mind. I sincerely love the idea of my girls waking up every day and reading these ten commandments and living their life based on these standards. So I got the treasure and hung it on the wall after the girls went to bed. They woke up trying to read and understand the tiny lettered piece. My first daughter after a while decided to read them out loud. They all loved it and I took out time at that instance to explain what every commandment means. I am so happy they all loved it and even had something to say about it.

I had since then been itching to share our treasure with you and your beautiful children as well, then life happened as always but here we are finally able to share with you, not only the commandments but what it means to our family and how we intend to use it to mold our girls as they grow as it has a lot to do with our family values. I hope these resonates with you and your kids as it does with us. Here goes………


The Ten Commandment for kids


  1. Love God more than you love anything else : This particular commandment is so real and it’s the best secret to living a fulfilled life. Lead your children to God early, pray that they have a special relationship with God, when they do, they will hear him speak and he will guide their every step through life. Now loving God is staying away from everything he hates (sin), then living our life according to his standards. Take time to explain the kinds of sins God hates as it relates to children. Sins like telling lies, taking what does not belong to them, bearing false witness to take sides with friends, covetousness, fighting…………..
  2. Be thoughtful and kind in what you say and do: The earlier our kids get this right the better the world will be. The world is the way it is now because it is filled with so many mean people. But it really doesn’t matter if we have more mean people in the world than kind people, because our own actions and the words we choose to say goes a long way in healing our world. it may seem insignificant to us as we do good but it is never insignificant. I tell my girls all the time to choose their words carefully because you never know what battle the person you are speaking to is fighting on the inside of him. So say nice and kind words, then let your actions do likewise. Besides, being kind or nice has never been in vogue and might never be, but then again we do not live our life by the standard of the world.
  3. Share your things cheerfully: A closed fist can never receive anything. Teach your kids that it is more blessed,fulfilling and rewarding to give than to receive. Encourage them to share  their things with others, not out of compulsion but willingly. Model giving by also being a giver, remember kids learn faster from what they see. To create understanding on this commandment, show them by  closing your fist, tell them nothing can enter into a closed fist,let them try to put something. Then unclench your fist and let them try to put something in your palm, show them how the object sits pretty. This is exactly how God deals with us when it comes to giving. Encourage your children to be givers.
  4. Love and respect your mom and dad: This commandment is super important because it is the right thing to do. Teach your kids to love and respect you by modelling these virtues to them first. Sow the seeds of love and respect in your kids and watch them show you love and respect you as they grow.Correct in love and respect each other (mom and dad) remember the little and not so little eyes are watching and they will do as they see first before they do as you say.
  5. Take care of all living things. People, animals and plants: Teach your children to value life.To take good care of things and people and not destroy it. I f you can afford a pet get them one and teach them to care for it, if you cannot afford a pet get them a plant in a beautiful planter and teach them to care for it. As they grow older, they will understand better.
  6. Be true to what is really important: I agree with this commandment because there are so much irrelevance in the world, draining us, wasting our time and leaving us depressed and dejected. Teach your children to always focus on the really important things by giving them a number of tasks to do consisting of very important to less important . Help them the first few times in choosing wisely by arranging all task in order of priority. Get them a journal to help keep tabs on their progress. Soon they will be able to use this life skills in their day-to-day living.
  7. Treat other people things as if they were your own: I know we all love ourselves and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Self-love is beautiful and acceptable as you cannot give what you don’t have. If you don’t learn to love yourself your won’t be able to love others. With been said, it is not right nor nice to love yourself, treat your things nicely, then treat people’s things anyhow. Take good care of everything that has been placed in your care and treat them like your very own.
  8. Always tell truth and be honest: As we well know, kids and adult alike tends to cover up wrong doings with one lie or the other , but the truth is that, Lies doesn’t end, there will always be another one to cover the previous one. So speak the truth at all times and teach your children to speak the truth always even if they feel they will get into trouble for doing the right thing. Also Parents handle every issue pertaining to the kids with utmost care and do not over react to issues so they can continue to be honest,
  9. Be happy for your friends when good things happen to them:   Teach your children to be genuinely happy for their friends. and that is exactly what will happen to them as well. Tell them to be their greatest cheerleader. Do unto others as you want them to do to you.
  10. Show God your love by loving others: Teach your children to spread love around like confetti. There is too much ill in the world and the love we show to others goes a long way to making the world a better place.




This is such a blessing to our family and i really hope it blesses yours as well. Thanks for stopping by. Please do leave us your thoughts in the comment below.


Mom and Dad you are doing awesome!!!

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  1. May I just say, wow! I love this. I wasn’t saved until my daughter was 16, so I didn’t have the beautiful opportunity to share God while she was growing up. Your children are blessed and now others are as well. I love the simplicity of how you explained each commandment – awesome post!

  2. Those commandments are beautiful and a great thing to instill in kids and even read again as adults! #6 Be true to what is really important really struck me as a great way to keep your actions in line with life’s goals. I’ll be using this with my kids, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What wonderful lessons to share with children. I hope my children grow to remember to be helpful, respectful, and thoughtful. Having these 10 things to focus on will certainly help.

  4. All great tips. Being truthful and honest to yourself and others means living a happy life in my opinion. I am trying to raise my kids with these same values. Thanks for sharing!

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