Wait! Is that book right for my child?


It’s getting really worrisome to see the trend in the books that are being published these days for our young and immature minds, yet they must read. I find it difficult to comprehend why books for five-year-old and eight-year-old has a handful of misleading and suggestive scenarios. It is very appalling, to say the least.  It’s like all you are teaching your children, the world is saying NO to at every turn they make. God bless their innocent souls that they are open enough to discuss all they hear in school that bothers them.


This is no exaggeration, but at least 95% of the books my eight-year-old brings from the school library or we get from the public library has something to say about Hero or Heroine having a boyfriend or girlfriend. I got to know these because I told her otherwise, so when she sees it, she brings to my knowledge and shows me, we talk about it but it kills me from the inside. Why? Why? But Why? What does an author seek to accomplish by chipping these into their books, validating what their 8-year-old friends say; ………… he is my boyfriend and I love him while opposing what dear parents say. Little wonder our little girls are making mistakes.


So the world is not happy about teenage pregnancies, substance abuse, and deadly sexual diseases, but supports all sexual media content, uncensored online content, inappropriate books for our children by encouraging the actions that lead to them. Confusing for the youngsters, isn’t it? The books they read, the friends they meet, media, magazines and the internet are all pieces coming together to condition our ward’s mind.

How do we even begin to fight these battle? I ask myself.


My kindergartener came home with some books some weeks ago. While reading to her, I froze and began to stutter and try to make up an alternative to what was written;


The princess leaned into the prince for a kiss and discovered he had a chapped lips…………….


What? No way!  I think it’s time for a new generation of authors to emerge that will not only write to make a profit but to change lives positively. There is a need, so we have to rise to the task to see the change we crave.

We have a lot of work to do as parents. Even when you are very careful with the choice of media content for these kids, the ads that sometimes come up on regular programmes can leave one dumbfounded. The comics and images in the books they read are not left out. If we are not careful, these so-called media will be responsible for shaping our children’s value.

Some weeks ago, my daughter’s friend also got a book from her school library to read at home. Her mom took out the book to read to her and saw the title of the book, and screamed. She called me discussing the matter and even sent me the pictures she took. The book is about a small child who has two moms. What message is the book really trying to pass across to a kindergartener? It’s ok for your dad to have two wives……………… She has since stopped her daughter from taking books from the school to read. Instead, she decided to be buying her books. These books most of the time are donated to schools for free.

I can go on and on but I choose to stop here to pursue the way forward.


Just like a lot of us are careful with what we allow them to watch on the television and the internet, go through the books your kids are reading and make sure they are reading good content that will add value to them instead of confusing them. When buying or collecting books from the library take time to flip through to know the ones that will do well for your children.


Even with being careful, you find out that your children will still have to read books with others in school and some other places you may not have the opportunity of being with them. This is where the intentional teaching you give them comes to play. In such cases, you will see that they will come back and tell you all about the story if they find something amiss or contrary to what you have taught them.

Take time to spell out what is wrong or right and the dangers lurking out there and why they need to be careful with what they are taking in always.  What they keep seeing or hearing repeatedly unconsciously begins to form in their mind, making think over and over again until it becomes a conviction. If we do not take out the time to be intentional in our parenting the world and media will be their teacher and trust me they will learn fast.

Start to teach them when their mind is still fertile and not Polluted so that when the pollutants come they already know what is right and will be able to make a choice.

The solid foundation we lay in our children is very important and it will keep them standing for years. Click To TweetJust like we lay a good solid foundation for our houses so it can withstand all forms of weather and still be standing so also we need to invest our time in nurturing our children.


By all means, please write books if you can. When we have all of these as the bedrock of our writing, we will have a mission and a vision in mind for the kind of books we want to write and what we hope to accomplish with the books. When parents take it upon themselves to write books with the sole purpose of instilling good values in our children then the change we seek in the world is imminent. Start by researching how to write children’s book, and you will be amazed at the resources out there. I have started my research and already inspired by my findings. I hope you do too.


Wait! Is that book right for my child?


Let’s keep striving to give our girls the very best they deserve because I  believe, a big difference they will make.


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  1. Sadly, the young adult books are even worse. By that point, I was only trying to protect my daughter from the worst of the wost, but oh boy did I find some of it when flipping through her library books. I don’t know what the answer is. Rating books would be such a slippery slope.

  2. Yep. And don’t get me started on TV programs. Amblesideonline.com has some great free reading resources and book lists for classic and genuinely great kids books.

  3. It is crazy how advanced books are for different age groups and how some books even get published because they are just so bad. But I definitely don’t want to ban books, because that just gives them more popularity and some of the best classics were actually banned. So it is a slippery slope for sure.

  4. This has been a constant in children’s books. Some of the ones from my early childhood (late 60’s/early 70’s) are absolutely shocking in their misogynistic, racist or homophobic overtones. I used to teach preschool and had to be SO careful screening everything that went on the shelves. These are good tips for all parents!

  5. Thanks for this list. I am always looking for books to buy my friend’s daughter, but since my kids haven’t been that age in so long I never know which ones are ok.

  6. This is a frightening trend that is occurring. What’s even more frightening is that most parents aren’t as aware and have no idea what their kids are reading. Thanks for bringing some awareness on the subject.

  7. It is so important to guard our children’s hearts and minds in all things , until they are old enough to process it in a healthy way , like 25 😂

  8. Wow! I was just thinking about a related subject today. It’s unfortunate that we can’t really monitor what they are reading all the time, particularly in the early teen years. They are savvy enough to get the reading material on their own by that point.

  9. When my kids were younger, we focused a lot on older books–the Little House series, Homer Price, Beverly Cleary books. As they got a little older we did lots of read out louds of books like the Narnia series, the Mysterious Benedict Society, and others. It’s definitely important that the parent read the book first to see if it’s age appropriate. I’m TOTALLY against censorship, but parent direction is different. When I was a kid, I was a very advanced reader so I read a lot of inappropriate books at a young age because there wasn’t anything challenging enough for me. I look back in horror at some of the things I read!

  10. This. It amazes me how much junk is out there for our children. My husband pointed out to me that I use the word inappropriate a lot. That I even feel the need to use that word as often as I do is concerning. I am glad that other moms see this trend of books and situations that are not always fitting or of quality to their young minds.

  11. I agree. Let kids be kids! Kids have enough challenges without delving into more grown-up issues. I used to try to find books that address and help them with their age-appropriate stresses. Thanks for the thought-provoking post 🙂

  12. Great reminder. My kids love to read. Just like we make sure content is appropriate for our kids when they watch TV or movies, we should be doing the same for books.

  13. I think I’ll be shocked when the day comes that I see something that is out of my daughter’s maturity level. Just reading your post I’m thinking, “Really? Is this for real?” Thank you for bringing this to our attention! ❤️

  14. I agree with Melissa about the older books. There are a lot of great reads that are older that would not only be appropriate but might also help in terms of challenging the reader further. I feel like our education system underestimates kids a lot these days while exposing them to certain topics too early, so going back in time a little, book wise, may be a good idea!

  15. I love books and wish my children would have also had my love for reading but it’s sad we live in a time where you have to worry about even the books in the school library.

  16. I don’t have kids, so I did not even realize this was happening. It sounds a lot like movies too and how the ratings are not necessarily giving a good idea of what is appropriate anymore.

  17. As a mother to a 3 year old girl I can relate to this post. My husband laughs at me because he tells my daughter she’s pretty and I tell her she’s strong. I want her to grow up feeling confident and independent.

  18. Wow, it really is a challenge with kids in school these days. So many opportunities to discuss the world and our beliefs. Too bad it has to start so young.

  19. This is so true. I used to have my kids read to me periodically, but have stopped that with my daughter now that she’s in high school. What a great reminder that just because the library approves, it doesn’t mean that I approve!!

  20. II find this such an important topic. I have been surprised many times with the content that is supposed
    to be age appropriate for my girl on everything from books to tv/movies. I think it is important to stay in control of that as parents while the kids are young.

  21. As a soon-to-be-mother of a little girl, I hope beyond hope that my child knows her worth is more than just having a boyfriend or a romantic relationship..I detest that many of these novels place such an importance on romance..and being in relationships..I agree with you completely that we need more empowering and educational material for our children to read.

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