What Are You Thankful For?



In the mood of thanksgiving, my family and I will be sharing with you all we are thankful for.  We have loads of things we are absolutely appreciative of. Thanksgiving is an attitude we have imbibed as a family and this whole year had been filled with loads of reason to be thankful. Most importantly, that I’m alive and able to type this content shows that God decided to bless me with the gift of life and so also you reading this. I do not take these grace for granted.


 So then it is not of him that willeth,

nor of him that runneth,

but of God that sheweth mercy.

Romans 9:16


This time last year I asked my girl’s what they are thankful for. My first daughter said mom,



I’m thankful for women all around the world,

but for them, no one will exist

and I’m also thankful for water

because without it we cannot survive.

My second daughter said,


I am thankful for Jesus,

without him no one will be saved.

I was also thankful for a lot but the topmost as always is,

I am thankful for life and good health. It’s no longer necessary to pay a visit to the hospitals, all we need to do is turn the television for a little while to be able to appreciate God for what he is doing in our lives.


My husband was thankful for new opportunities.




This year we are even more thankful.

Second on my list is my ten-year wedding anniversary, this year! I’m super happy and grateful I have been with my husband this long and it only seems like yesterday. It’s been an awesome journey and we have been truly blessed beyond our dreams and imagination. We are far from perfect but we strive each day towards perfection. This is one journey ordained and directed by God. This is the secret of our happy union. Remove God from this equation and it’s over.

This anniversary fills me with so much joy and happiness because I have looked forward to this celebration since our first year of marriage. I even fantasized about how we are going to celebrate it (women and our many fantasies). I particularly toiled with the idea of a renewal of vow and to travel to a beautiful island (just the two of us), but God had other plans like our four precious angels. I cannot even imagine leaving them all for days, without mummy or daddy, while frolicking with the love of my life.

But guess what! By the time we are celebrating our twenty year anniversary all the princesses would have been teenagers and the plan looked even more realistic, visible and sounds fair on all sides. So yay for the wins already.

Thirdly, I am thankful for my blog, Godfidencefabgirls. This is an age-long dream God decided to honor this year and it has been three things;


  • Fulfilling

  • Exciting

  • Productive


I am thankful for my family, old friends, new friends, daily provisions, shelter,  protection, guidance, visions, dreams, aspirations, good health, new opportunities, cutting-edge ideas, my pastor and church, my country, the universe and God’s love to every one of us.

And to say this just the beginning. No doubt, I’m so expectant for what the future holds.


This year my first daughter said;


I am thankful for the opportunity of knowing God

and able to talk to him everyday.

I’m also thankful for my  family,

clothes, toys, the birds,

and everything in the universe created by her God.


My second daughter said ;


I am thankful for all my

family members and my friends.


The third princess who is three years old said;


I am thankful for my toys.


Dear husband said;


I am thankful for the gift of life,

 my beautiful daughters

and having you as my wife.




As we have chosen thankfulness to be our attitude and lifestyle not only on November 23rd but every day of our life, watch out for loads of surprises every day.

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It’s your turn now.


What are you thankful for?



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  1. Happy 10-year anniversary!!! I am very thankful for my health and my family! I ask my girls at bedtime each night what they’re thankful for that day, and they include everything from their teachers to their sister 🙂 to food/water/shelter/a school to go to/wonderful teachers who teach them well. We are truly blessed!

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