What’s going on with my body?

 I heard lately of 8-year-old girls starting to have their periods (Menstruation)!
What? OK parents, it’s time to discuss Puberty.
Puberty is the period at which a person first can procreate ( sexual maturation) according to Webster dictionary. This is the time when certain noticeable changes occur in our girls. Remember how awkward it was for you when growing up? Let’s help to cushion the effect by preparing them ahead of time. The sooner we discuss the puberty signs the better they will be able to cope with the changes when they finally get to experience it.
I had a not too sweet experience with puberty, especially menstruation. Seeing it for the first time was quite embarrassing and I was well prepared for the experience. I had little to no knowledge and so it was a struggle. So I’m equipping myself well ahead to get my daughter fully prepared for the lifetime journey ahead and so should you.

Body changes
These growths sprout is usually noticeable because your girl can suddenly go 3 to 4 sizes of shoe higher. my daughter went from a size 1 to a size 5 (amazing). They increase in height and their hands also grow larger. Most girls add more weight, especially around their thighs and upper arm.
Breast formation
 This is a transition from being flat chested to tiny breast bud to developing breast to adult breast. During this transition, the process can feel painful and itchy, which is quite normal. It’s also good to discuss this stage early with our girls so they can appreciate and embrace their process of growth into womanhood and not see it as a burden. The breast will continue to develop until the teen year ends. One of the breasts is usually larger than the other one at first before it balances out. I first had this conversation with my daughter when she was about 6 years old. She is 8 years old now (still flat chested) but wants me to get her bra tops. So, I told her I will be getting some for her soon. For the girls already showing, however, it is time to invest in comfortable bras or bra tops. We must teach them to care for their bras by washing them often, it’s best to treat them like we treat our panties.
Vaginal discharge is a clear fluid that comes into the panties through the vaginal. We can get our girl’s pant liners to keep their panties from getting soiled.
Pubic Hair
Hairs begin to grow in the pubic areas, between the legs (around the genitals), the armpit and all over the body (some all over body hair are more glaring than others). This is the time to get them shaving creams or sticks and them to use appropriately.
skin Changes
This is when Acne begins for some girls, especially the ones with oily skin. Please make sure your girl washes her face in the morning and night and use a separate face towel or washcloth to dry her face.
Also known as period or menses. Menstruation occurs once in a month. It is the process of a bloodline fluid flowing out of the vagina to the pads or tampons used to prevent it from staining the panties. This process is usually scary for girls because of the tendencies of blood stains on their panties, clothes, bedding etc. Mine happened on a car ride from my school to the lesson, terrible, terrible, terrible is all I can say. As best as you can explain to your girls based on their age and what they can assimilate. then buy sanitary pads or tampons and show them how to use it, how many times to change in a day, keeping extras in their bag packs, or handbags. It becomes even more challenging when the menstrual periods comes accompanied by cramps. It is best to discuss these possibilities and how to cope with it.
Mood Swings
PMS – premenstrual syndrome. preceding the normal monthly menstrual cycle, some girls experience mood swings, they become irritable and anxious.
Moreover, get talking to your girls about these (based on their age and level of understanding). Be honest with them as much as possible and call their body parts, (especially the private ones) by their original names and not some nicknames. Encourage them to ask questions and answer them truthfully. My daughter asked me where do babies come from? Enough of babies comes from heaven. Explain how babies are formed and birthed and end by saying as you grow up you will understand better.
This is also a good time to discuss how boys, men, uncles, predators, pedophile, kidnappers, and rapists can take undue advantage of them, the parts of their body no one is permitted to touch ( danger zones). This we shall discuss soon in another topic.
Share in the comments below, how you were able to cope with the stages of puberty and the most embarrassing moments too. May God continue to help us in raising Godly, confident, resourceful and fabulous girls.


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