Why Worry?

Which of your by worrying can add a single hour to your life. Luke 12:25





Worry is a culprit found in the life of almost everyone. Oh how we worry about every single thing, even the things we do not have control over. Worrying is the continuous fret or nervousness about anything ranging from your health, family, work, finances and so much more.


As innocent as worrying seems, it’s capable of causing a lot of havoc like anxiety disorder, mental health issues, and the physical well-being when it becomes excessive.


Knowing and walking closely with God have helped me to do away with worrying to large extent and my life has taken a new turn for the better because God wants us to leave the worrying to him. Matthew 6:25-34 talks extensively about the need not to worry about life, what to eat or drink, what to wear, because God has promised to take care of us. No one through worrying can add a single minute to his life.


Worrying has stopped a lot of us in our tracks from achieving and walking in our purpose. It’s time to reverse the order and begin to conquer new grounds. Worrying gets a thumbs up when we have a direct control over the outcome of the situation, in which case we try to do the needful to avert the need to worry. But in the case where we have no control the situation, we need to do all we can to stop worrying in its track. To say we won’t think about our problems is not possible but not allowing ourselves to dwell on such thoughts will be the way forward.


Remember we are mirroring our choices, way of life, actions and much more to our children. So as not to allow them to think that the best way to handle their problems is to always worry, we need to make efforts work on it. A lot of people are suffering from depression and it stems from worry most times. Are you trusting God or yourself to solve your problems? To keep up a peaceful state of mind, do the best you can and leave the rest to God to handle. God does not need our help, we, however, needs his help. Choose peace over worrying.


Nothing compares to having peace in all situation. It’s a sweet and cozy place to be.


“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself” Psalms 42:5.


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